Why Aren’t The Kids In School?

Even though it is the holiday/public school break, we still seem to get the school question.  This week, it was Sunday, in a donut shop, when the owner found out we home schooled.  He pointed out the model air plane that we had previously walked under 2-3 times without noticing to look up.

Jon was standing under a huge seaplane.


The picture hanging in the window is a watercolor of the plane up above. A Lohner T1 Austro Hungarian Seaplane, from the Adriantic Sea.  Here is a link to an actual plane: Lohner T1.

14584993605_ORIG The model was built to be flown at the Devils Lake, where we live. There was a bulb on the front, and when the plane went to go straight, the bulb dipped, filling with water, and they turned off the motor, as the weight was off.  They never flew the plane, more than driving and direction. The person who created the plane gave it to the donut shop owner to display. An excellent piece of history, both of the past, and of our lake. 🙂

If you are ever driving 101 through Lincoln City, You’ll want to try out Henry’s Lighthouse Donuts!

Henry Quandt, Henry's Lighthouse Donuts 

Click here for some history!

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