By the Dawn’s Early Light


What can you see? By the Dawn’s Early Light?


You might not be able to – But I saw a racoon swimming in the water. Zoom didn’t really help. Just turned him into a fuzzy coon.


This morning I headed into the woods on a friend’s property, instead of the beach.  We walked into a clearing, with a canopy of branches, ground soft with moss, moss clinging to every space of all different colors.  And I felt it. It was beautiful. and Still. An Awesome.  The Presence.  Have you felt it at Crystal Peaks? At your special spot? My friend told me  why – but it is her her story, not my blog’s, and I allowed the mosquitoes to have breakfast on my legs and feet while tears came to my eyes. Then, 4-5 LARGE buck deer hopped out from in front of us, over the ravine – and up the hillside.  They stayed. Silent. Trusting. It was hard to leave this spot this morning. 

I think I will find myself here again.


This is the root structure from a huge tree that fell in a storm to form a natural bridge across the ravine. There is no picture I could take to show you how HUGE this and Awesome this is!

When you go through a storm.  And you feel broken.  What bridges are built?  What new growth comes up?  Makes one ponder.


The sky was painted in a vivid pink line – mirrored in the calm still lake.  I couldn’t help singing – Oh Say Can You See???? By the Dawns Early Light .. .   And – thinking of our Freedom Day coming up – It always makes me feel ashamed at what I do with my freedom.  I am feeling urged to be more vocal with our personal journey – with my personal faith – and with homeschooling (which sort of wraps up the first two topics)

What freedoms are you thankful for? Wished you used more? 


The pic of this old growth stump just doesn’t give it justice.


What do you see with clarity – in the morning light?

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1 Response to By the Dawn’s Early Light

  1. Diane says:

    A beautiful area you get to live and home school in. Stumbled upon your blog recently, looking forward to future posts.BlessingsDiane

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