Running of the Bols – by a 9 yr old boy!

Hello!  Greetings to my beach lovin’ Friends!  Today was the first day that my shoes were off entirely – and all the sand I stepped through was warm – even the wet sand!

We got up early to beat the crowds to D River – to participate in the Lincoln City Kite Festival.  Many people were there to watch – but As Our Usual – the Petra School Boys – just had to get involved!

Today we learned about the Running of the Bols.  They strap you into a huge bol kite, and then race 50 yrds or so down the beach, competing with two other runners.  The first 50-60 to sign up get to race.  Most ran with friends, but – Not JonnyLego.  He wanted to do it by himself.

Gearing Up:


Strapped In:


People all around were taking pictures of the “crazy kid”.
Before this round only adults or adults with kids were running, and many of them got knocked down.

DSCN1657 DSCN1658

Ready . . .Set . . . GO!



He ran a real close Second to two older boys.  The third team was WAY behind. 🙂 The crowds wonder changed from skeptic to excitement to see him finish so well. He said he now knows of a way to rip your ribs out of your chest. Just in case you were wondering . . of a way to that. . .  .


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