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It has been our privilege and joy to receive products from various vendors to use in our home.  We make every effort to use the products and share our actual experience with you.  I give a thank you to each vendor that has trusted our family with their product.

Please know that we have a relaxed learning style, that we will mold the product to fit our Charlotte Mason, Classical Education, Notebooking ways. We see curriculum as a tool – a resource – to give us information in the areas that we are interested in. We will change worksheets into notebook or lapbook pages.  If you have any questions regarding these products please shoot me an email! – Angie Wright

If you are interested in having Petra School review your product, please sent an email to Angie Wright at

I am not an affiliate for any company with the Petra School Blog.  I do have an Amazon Account but do not post those book links on this blog. I receive products for free, in exchange for using them in my home and sharing with you our honest experience. I do not have sponsors or vendor advertisements.  I link to Timberdoodle, Handbook of Nature Study, and Harmony Art Mom, because I feel, as a homeschool mom, EVERYONE should be using their products. I pay for my Timberdoodle orders, unless stated that I am reviewing a product, and I have paid for all of my products from Handbook of Nature and Harmony Art Mom, I gladly support their families. If I have links in my posts, it is just to help you, the reader, have an easier time finding the product.

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