Pebblekeeper Update

Good Morning!

I am considering pulling back from Social Media platforms and sharing adventures here on the blog. I’ve enjoyed a morning reading Blog Comments and reviewing where we’ve been.

My teaching journey moved from an outdoor nature-based school in the woods by a creek, into town with a delightful Chrisitan school within walking distance to the ocean and two lakes. After teaching 3rd – 7th grade, and 4th and 5th Grade in Neskowin, I am now starting my third year as a Kindergarten teacher at a Seventh Day Adventist school in Lincoln City. I filled in as a 4th and 5th-grade math teacher last year as well.

The boys are both working and living in the great outdoors. My oldest is at Washington Family Ranch in Central Oregon where he can help the ranch hands with 800 calves in the spring and then switch to 600 high schoolers at Young Life Camp in the summer. He loves living on the John Day River in the High Desert. My youngest is battling health issues with seizures, living on the Oregon Coast, and learning his limitations while still hiking, surfing, and landscaping each day. Both boys have grown in their wisdom and knowledge of the Lord and His Word. They have also gone through typical late teen early 20s struggles to find their identity and balance of personal, social, and physical boundaries. Watching their journeys is not for the faint of heart, as I hear all of us parents of young 20s are experiencing.

So – moving forward, I’d love to share my Kindergarten adventures, and also our outdoor life adventures. Thanks for your time!

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