Surf Club


The joy of having a Surf Club! We all watch the weather, tides, winds, swells – anticipating a great surf day. We use to pinpoint the best times. We saw the wind die down, a high tide in the morning, and a blue bird day – so we were off to the beach. 



It was a great day! The joys of living in the Pacific Northwest is that there are miles and miles of surf ready shorelines, and only a dozen or so surfers.


The next crew of Tigersharks Surf Club members are taking their Quals. We had an ocean education class at the lake this week. They teach the kids how to use the rip tide, how to triangulate, help them understand swells and how waves are formed, what conditions to look for on the bouy reports like Magic Seaweed, and how to stay safe in the water.



They are teaching the Jr. Leaders more tow in drills. Jon is riding a lil Lib Tech board here in the fog on the lake.


They are also teaching the Jr. Leaders to be water safety team members.
Tyler and Jon and taking turns here with a Coach Ross.


Jon is really getting the hang of water safety team. We can’t find his Boater Safety paper from 2009, so he enrolled this week to take the course again. This time, we’ll order the card and he’ll be good to go. I am pretty stoked about our Surf Club. It’s hard to believe that this is our 3rd season, and it keeps growing, and the boys are really getting comfortable in the water – pushing their fun further.

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