World’s Biggest Marble Hunt

I have a new passion. Marble hunting and hiding. Have you been active with this? There is a Page and Group on Facebook called the World’s Biggest Marble Hunt. The page tells a bit about the hunt and gives some rules and guidelines. The Group is where folks around the world share their hunts.

I’ve been active for over a year looking for marbles in the different cities when we travel. The Oregon Coast had been pretty slow with hides. However, the past few months, quite a few people have gotten the bug and started buying hider marbles. They have to be a contemporary blown glass marble with a Glass Blower’s Name. If you search the site, I’d expect you’d be impressed with what folks hide.

I picked up a few marbles from Arizona from a place called Crazed Monkey Glass. I’ve been wandering around the coast finding a few of my favorite after work resting spots to hide a marble. Then a few location hint photos are snapped, and the clues are posted on Facebook. Want to see where I’ve been this week? These marbles have been found.   Cascade Head

Local Lincoln City Lake

Lincoln City Lookout

I’ve really enjoyed having yet another reason to wander and explore while being able to share my favorite spots with others. We were active in Letterboxing for quite a while. It gives the same feeling. I noticed that there are new hides on

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where are they!

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