Bend Moving Anniversary

I spent an entire day in the office cleaning while my working on debugging a friend’s computer from a nasty virus and came across an old journal.  I go through about 3 a year – writing things out is my way of dealing with the daily stresses and joys of life. I write out my prayers – of wants and needs and protection and thankfulness.  I write out my prayers dealing with my own sinful heart – that my heart will be joyful and content – that I will pass by temptations – that my heart will be so full that complaints will not need to be spoken.  I write out verses that come to mind – for me – for friends – from friends- from pastors.   I thought in honor of our 4 year anniversary here – (5 for hubby) that I’d write out my entry.

I was scared, and overwhelmed at leaving the estuary basin of Charleston for the high desert of Central Oregon.  We moved from the lush overgrown hill by the bay surrounded by family and friends known since 1979 and swapped them for a triple wide manufactured home on 10 flat acres 11 miles out of town. A town where I knew a couple of people – but would not really be in their lives. After moving in – peace and joy and comfort filled my very soul – I knew that this was the exact place where the Lord wanted us.  We lived too far out for Internet, television or cell phones- so we had a 1 1/2 year time out of electronics. What a joyful time! So – I found myself sitting in the middle of a very luscious patch of green grass under an amazing oak tree huge and massive, an umbrella sheltering the entire back yard giving coolness to the 80+ degree day – with a fresh new journal:


A new home a new book a fresh start.

It is amazing to me how the Lord picked and planned and arranged our home. I have prayed in my heart what I share here, but feel the need to write it down.
I thank You for the elm trees.
I thank You for no close neighbors.
I thank You for the yellow finches.
I thank You for no weeds.
I am thankful for cool breezes and warm rays of sun.
I am thankful for no allergies and beautiful views.
A friend for Game. For bull frogs and butterflies and fish and dirt and sand and mud. For purple flowers and new plants. for no cable and a break from the internet.
For Peace and Calm and Joy. Serenity. A spot to call my own. To serve You and my family and see after their needs. I pray for saftey on Hwy 20 and Knott Road. I pray for continued respect for Darren at work and quick learning. Quick Ideas. Good Workers – Ready to learn a team.
Thank You.


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