I have not been on my blog much lately – I find a conflict of time on Face book that interrupts my quiet morning hours. Too much time playing games and stalking friends by peeking into their Face book lives.  I like FB – don’t get me wrong, I’m hopelessly addicted, and still get the chores done – somewhat. I like being transparent with my thoughts and plans and activities.  But I also like the face to face time in town with friends.  I like the joy of conversation and discovery of what families have been learning and how they have been growing.  Lately – I have started to share my life in person and seem to get the answer – OH I read that on FB, that was awesome . . . crickets.   . . . .  But on FB I only share a sentence or two here and there.  One could take my comments out of context – most usually do.

I enjoy getting up in the cool of the morning. Playing in my garden. Eradicating  little weeds.  I ponder a lot and pray. The Lord speaks to me so clearly while I’m working the  soil and caring for the plants.  I seem to see how to raise the boys and how to grow myself through my garden. Of nurture. Of Restraint. Of Allowing. Of Pruning. Pruning good things.  Allowing some bad to develop to get to the root. Of not always seeing something foreign as sin. Nathan thought that some of my flowers were weeds. I seldom can tell the difference when we move to a new place. But through experience I know what to pull immediately and what to let grow. He mentioned yesterday that my weed patch sure is turning out beautiful! (which led me to write my review on Pagan Christianity)

I am going to focus more on writing out my journal here than sharing every little move on FB. People choose to follow me here, choose to read through my massively long jumbled thoughts typed out and unedited. I have struggled with what my spot in the world would look like. Should my posts be themed? Should I only talk of learning academics? Should I only focus on my faith? Should I only focus on my family? Leave my family out of it? Make it a showcase of my crafts? Have a separate blog for my daily ponderings using a blog name where I could be anonymous and say any opinion or hurt without fear of injuring others?  The last few days I have been thinking of these things, and decided – I will have a mixture of all of these. Maybe some days I will be clever. Maybe Funny. Maybe share a learning milestone. Etc. But it will be me. My thoughts. Take em or leave em. And know – that any soapbox I stand on today I am willing to use for firewood tomorrow! If you are a return reader – especially if you read to the end of my long posts – feel free to leave honest feedback  – or just an encouraging word that you stopped by. 🙂


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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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