Explaining the Silence

My goal is to write at least two times a week – journaling our days for you. So why the silence?  We moved! 

I wrote little about the era of the 11 month vacation from work that this economy gave my husband – or of his surgeries last year.  He finally got a job in the retail industry with the stipulation that at each advancement a transfer would take place. Not a hard contract to sign, even if it was 4 pages long. He likes his management position and has never had the opportunity to advance before. Well.  Tuesday. 2 weeks ago. A higher up Mgr calls from out of town to see if ole hubby would be at work, he’d like to come and see him.  Bells and alarms go off – as we were waiting the finalization of his temporary/training period with the company. 

Just last week said upper up made a passing comment, “Oh, that’s right, you homeschool.”   – in reference to Darren’s desire to finish his training.  He means that we can move easily enough.  Hmmmmm.  Its taken 5 years to surround myself with boys just the right ages for my two, moms who will put up with my crazy ways and crazy tongue. Moms who don’t have kids, but like to hang out, Moms who have 10+ kids and lets me hold all the babies. Shy kids to trust us. Crazy ADHD kids to be calmed around us.  The opportunity with one email to host a gathering of 100 kids all about the same ages. Science Classes. Sign Language. Awana. Liturature. Geography.  Sigh.  Public school?  Take them out, grab some worksheets, move, put them back.  The Free to Me Government Day Care System would have been an amazing feature.

So today is the day we move into our new place – and setup shop – and enjoy the silence.


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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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