We saw a Glass Float on the Beach!!

Finders Keepers is a part of tourism in Lincoln City, Oregon. This year 2010 glass floats will be distributed throughout 7 1/2 miles of beaches that line the town.

Sunday Morning, after church, we stopped by a favorite spot.  Hubby dropped off Jon, I and the pup and then drove north to another outlet to pick us up.  I didn’t want to dawdle, there were quite a few people on the beach, the dog couldn’t be off leash, so we took the low tide path, hard sand, to quickly walk up north on the beach.

When we reached the walkway to the parking area, two ladies were holding the most beautiful blue glass float, about the size of a cantaloupe cradling it like a baby. It had the number, signature, and sticker for Finder’s Keeper’s.

I can not explain adequately in the limited vocabulary I seem to muster the joy and excitement of even seeing one of these beauties. Knowing, that maybe, if I had taken the soft sand path, we might have found one. I thought I’d feel jealousy and remorse of taking a different path, but the joy and amazement of seeing someone else find one was thrilling. She said she’s been looking “for years”, which is the common statement.

Knowing that the rumor mill has told us they often find balls in this stretch of beach, and now seeing one – amazing.

After they walked up the road to their home, I had the wish that I had been bold enough to ask for a picture, but the adrenaline rush kept the thought from my mind, like finding a rare bird and trying to memorize the characteristics to look it up later.

So – hopefully you can see the joy and excitement on my face! The Hope is Alive to finding one myself!

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