Organizing the Heap!

Its not like we didn’t start the year on a great organizational note!  Oh the plans and the charts, days/weeks of planning. Plotting. Outlining. Questioning those who have gone before. The biggest challenge – How to plan academics – the Three R’s around all of our co-ops and activities?

My calendar, Homeschool Tracker Sheets, and Post It system are all up to date until – September 23, 2009.  The day after we found out about the move. 🙂

So – Holidays, Birthdays, Moving Groans and Pains later – its time to start our new normal.

  Pile Books in stacks

Weird Unsocialized Homeschooler mom Kris asked what we are doing to get organized for January – Since that was exactly what I sitting down to do – I grabbed my camera to share with the class. 🙂

Homeschool, Organize, Schedule
See what’s there Put it on their shelves, each boy has one.
Homeschool, Books, Schedule, Lincoln City Homeschool, Boys, Schedule, Books
My Planner Gets put Together:
Poor Man’s Laminator:
Laminated Blank Chart. Start Zone, Academics and Games  
Homeschool, Create, Boys, Schedule Homeschool, School, Boys, Create Schedule
Start zone is what to do before leaving your room and before anything else, no matter the schedule of the day.  Our friends the Geotz told us of the rule -  Make Your Self Go Outable and Your Home Come Inable.  Next section, Academics, Sometimes I put in the page numbers, but for the most part, at this time of year, it is “Do the next thing.”   
Homeschool, Start your day Homeschool, Math, Awana
I put a section of free time ideas that I am willing to do with them. We now have Cable and Netflix on our TV, so we limit Teeney bopper shows to three individual half hour segments a day. They can watch Discovery, Animal Planet and PBS type shows all they want, after the academic section is done.
Homeschool, Lincoln City, Games Homeschool, TV, Computer

The finished Chart.

Homeschool, Day, Lincoln City, Boys, Schedule 

I have a blank card that is laminated. Nathan likes to transfer his tags to this board, and show dad.  Jon likes to MARK OUT his with a wide marker or crumple them to the garbage. I can sit for about 15 minutes a week and evaluate where they are and make enough tabs for the week.

I use Zone Cleaning for Kids Clean N Flip from Trigger Memory System.Com to tell me what our Come Inable chore of the day is.   

Our Work Table – should I blur out the FB screen??? 🙂

Homeschool, Classroom

My new writing desk.

My Craft Corner.

Homeschool, Classroom Homeschool, Classroom


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2 Responses to Organizing the Heap!

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  2. Kris says:

    Wow! Looks like a busy and productive.

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