Why Aren’t the Kids in School? Part 3

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We finally got an answer to our Moon Jelly Fish reproduction question!  I got a phone call from OSU – I lost the scrap of paper that I jotted down the details on – but basically, the male releases a string of sorts into the group swimming around, with females.  The Female eats it, and has internal fertilization of her eggs.   She can lay 10’s of Thousands of eggs, waiting to grow into Larva.  Many of these eggs die. 

Moon Jellies Part 1 ~ Moon Jellies Part 2 ~ Moon Jellies Part 3

She offered to send the files to me – or give me the access addresses – and asked what I did at OSU. 

Oh – No. Sorry. I’m just a mom. A Homeschool Mom.  My 9 year old son wanted to know. We have questions – all the time, and look for answers.

This seemed to put her back a bit, that a homeschool elementary kid would want to know.

The last time this conversation happened was in a Linens N Things store, talking to the AP Science teacher for a great school in Bend, Oregon.  She found out we were studying Butterflies, and I asked her what the one question about Butterflies (her speciality) would be that most people don’t know, and are not in most elementary books.  Her Question?  What is on the wing of the butterfly to produce color?  My then 6 or 7 year old spitted out the answer in unison with his brother and myself.  Do you know?

Today’s sharing comes in response to thinking of Seizing Opportunities. Not being fearful to ask.  Seeking each opportunity to find out what others have learned before us.  Not what was written down and approved by a book editor and agent, but the knowledge that has come from years in the field, or their own curiosity, years watching the oceans and lakes.   Harmony Mom gives us a great quote from Charlotte Mason – and I whole heartedly agree!  Go on over and take a look-see. 🙂

What have you learned from the locals lately? What area of serving others have given your children the most knowledge, wisdom, or gratitude?

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