We move to Spring! At the Outdoor Nature Challenge

I am really looking forward to spring – not just for the Birds, Flowers, Shrubs and Sun – but for all that we are going to be out observing.  In detail!

The boys and I have really enjoyed the 

Outdoor Hour Challenges

We have spent detailed lengths of time outside  – like in our Small Square Study, We have spent short amounts of time – studying the wrong trees – in our Winter Pine Study, and we have spent moments in time talking about Mammal Tracks that we have seen in the garden – or pointing out the moon phases on our evening trips to the beach.  We are enjoying seeing the bulbs progress, from the greenery, to the bud, to the flower.

All conversations and projects that we might not have intentionally had on the ready without the leadership of Barb and the resource of the Handbook of Nature Study.

Want to add some science, art, history, poetry, observation, classification, and just great talks with your kids into the season of school that most moms start feeling burn out?


Barb has an E-Book offer – at an extremely low price – that she’d love to share with you!

 You get so many items in this e-book that it is worth clicking here to go over to her site to check it out.

All you have to do – is be willing.  Willing to step outside. Willing to walk with your kiddos. Willing to bring along a notebook and pencil if you have time. Willing to have discussions in the car, on the couch, at the window.  Willing. 

Come and join a great group of families that have also been enjoying these challenges and linking in with each other!

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2 Responses to We move to Spring! At the Outdoor Nature Challenge

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  2. I love your words in this entry…yes, you need to be *willing*. I am so willing to get outdoors right now! Any excuse will get me going and I am energized when I find families like yours that enjoy what I enjoy.

    Thank you so much for your support over the last few months. I have truly enjoyed getting to know more about you and your part of the world. 🙂

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