Field Trip Time – Aquarium and a Brewery!

We have enjoyed living near two great aquariums – the best educationally– Hatfield Marine Science Center –(visit their site here) and the more commercially marketed  is the Oregon Coast Aquarium (Visit their site here).

Hatfield Marine Science Center is an amazing resource of information. In our studies of Marine life – most of our answers have come from this source, by visiting, phone calls and emails.  They have an excellent educational based book store.  I could continue to spend 20-40 dollars each time we go there and never have all the books I desire! A few of them I have written down and checked out of the library, and then purchased. 🙂 Great resources, friendly informative staff, passionate sweet volunteers – best touch tank ev-ar!  Great easy walk though.

Oregon Coast Aquarium seems to be more of a look and see experience. The volunteers are friendly but lack in detailed information. We about drove a few of them crazy our first trip with questions, to the point that they would leave when we came by. . . We did get to speak to one staffer and she answered quite a few of the boy’s questions – and called us “a family with great questions”. High complement for the boys, and she did say it in a nice way, not the rolls the eyes way. . . . .

The third field trip we’ve made was to the Rogue Brewery – which in the opinion of all four of us – was really disappointing.  They did not really describe the beer making – but mostly the history of the company, which is pretty cut and dry. They showed how they’ve made most of their equipment out of recycled parts, the boys liked that. But all in all it lacked connecting us to the actual beer making. I suppose we are spoiled by the Deschutes  Brewery Tour in Bend, that even if you don’t even like home brew, this tour is AMAZING. 🙂

So – Here are a few pics from our time today, we only had time to hit the Aquarium and the Rogue Brewery. We have no reason to visit the Rogue again – but it was fun to do once.

I like the signs to name the plants around the property. A friend and I were just wondering about this one during our trip to Drift Creek Falls.  Very fun Find!

IMG_4439 IMG_4440
IMG_4442 IMG_4443 IMG_4444


There are educational opportunities – in a self led way – we enjoy reading the tid bits of information – most of it is really surface info, none of the educational matter goes deep – one mom was wanting more information on Anenamies – as has Jon.



Jon likes taking photos –

IMG_4451 IMG_4452 IMG_4457
Japanese Spider Crabs grow to 12.6 feet wide, with leg width.
They remain Jon’s favorite exhibit.

 IMG_4458   IMG_4469

IMG_4471 IMG_4483IMG_4481     IMG_4479IMG_4489

Passages of the Deep is hard to photograph to show the amazement of it.  It was home to Keiko, then turned into exhibits.

IMG_4492 IMG_4497 IMG_4501 

The sharks like to hug the tank swimming circles around the glass. Kind of creepy. This is just a little one, the big ones will not fit in my view finder.  Shiver.

Jon’s best “whatdyedo” face.

 IMG_4510  IMG_4512  IMG_4514 IMG_4515 IMG_4516 IMG_4518
I think this is their “pay or we’ll let him eat ya” spot.

A few of the plants in our yard - 

IMG_4519 IMG_4520 IMG_4522 IMG_4523

From the Rogue tour –

IMG_4529 IMG_4531 IMG_4532 IMG_4536 IMG_4537 IMG_4540 IMG_4542 IMG_4543

We missed walking through the “making” process, the overwhelming smell of hops was missing.  The ingredients were in boxes sealed, at other tours we were able to touch smell and taste the ingredients of the brew. One of the great parts of the Deschutes Brewery Tour was the tasting room. Amazingly scientific data collecting of smell and taste. The boys got to play around of guess that scent. Walking on the upper levels looking down at the product in each stage was missing. Very disappointing. We had some Tater Tots over the marina and shared a fresh root beer. That part was yummy, but over priced as well. No free samples – so we bid our way home. 🙂

All in all a great day, tour wasn’t toooo bad – our expectations were just too high. 🙂

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4 Responses to Field Trip Time – Aquarium and a Brewery!

  1. We love Hatfield. You might have more luck at the smaller micro-breweries. My town has one and that is where Kelly learned to make beer. He makes it regularly. =) The history of beer is also very interesting and even children drank beer with 1% to 2% alcohol content because water was not safe to drink. You may know this? Also, mead (similar to making beer or wine) is a very old tradition and where we get the term “honeymoon” because a newly married couple would drink mead (made with honey) for a moon cycle and it was thought to produce a baby boy. =)

    • pebblekeeper says:

      Thanks Cori! I didn’t know these things about the brew! Love learning. We dabbled in home brew before we had children, it was the tastiest stuff evAR. Then – we got insanely strict with “Churchianity” and drifted back. Now with more freedom and understanding of who we are – we enjoy a glass of wine on the deck, or enjoying the flavors of a micro brew on a hot afternoon. We love doing micro brew tours, the entrepreneurial part is inspiring – as well as the science of the brew. I would like to have my boys growing up with a healthy attitude towards appreciating the products – rather than a excess or none attitude. 🙂 (or a hide it from the churchianity elders when they stop by attitude)

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