Costco Hot Dogs at Home! and an Impromptu Kitchen Photo Challenge

One thing we miss from living next to Costco – is the $1.55 Hot Dog Lunch!

Yesterday we were at the Franz Bread Outlet – it’s not in our town but since we were visiting the Aquarium 30 miles away  – and we seized the opportunity to partake in their discount goodness!  One great find was the Restaurant Buns. Oh Ya.  Pair that up with our Canned Food, Bargain Market Sausages – and Costco Dogs!


IMG_4549  IMG_4550

Place the Polish Sausages in the crock pot with a cup or so of water on high – we did this around 10:15ish when we started our sit down work.  Place the buns in the steamer on Low around 10:45 – Hubby came home at 11:20 with Sauerkraut. 


We didn’t have pickles or relish, but we had peppers, and better mustard.

Keepin’ it real:

I almost didn’t post our wonderful lunch – wanna know why?

Usually hubby goes to work at 10:30, but today he went in at 6:30. It threw my whole schedule off. I usually get up between 6 and 7, run a load of laundry, a load of dishes, wash any pans left over from the night before. I like starting the day with a fresh kitchen and empty laundry baskets.  Hubby gets home late, and the boys stay up with him, so they all three sleep in til 9ish. But today – I slept in. Then worked on the blogs, then read some blogs, the put on sweat pants and got straight to Saxon and Phonics. – So no laundry. No Kitchen. Just Life. 🙂 Wanna see what Life looks like at our house if you don’t call first and my schedule is off?





At least the dishes on the counter and dishwasher are clean, but only I know that the dishes by the soda bottles have been drying since yesterday – You won’t tell anyone will you?


Like how organized we are when working together doing seat work? Hubby brought in the soda and bag of caramel rice cakes, they weren’t there for school – but they will probably stay there all day . . . . .

Thought you might like to see what was behind the closely cropped photos. 🙂

Go feel better about your homeschoolin’ self. 🙂

If you post a pic of your kitchen at this exact moment – let me know, I’d love to see that I’m not alone. Just put the link in your comment, and pass the challenge on to your friends. 🙂

Update  38 minutes later – An encouragement to call a friend a grab a hand rag – which is what I did after posting this.  After a 38 minute phone call the kitchen is now clean – even the coffee station on the other side! So don’t put off blessing your home and your family – read your blogs, and then get up and get to it! (also posted after pictures in case my mom checks in on my blog. . . . . ya mom, um ya, this was just a one time dirty kitchen scenerio – yaaaaa)























Whew. Thats better. 🙂

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5 Responses to Costco Hot Dogs at Home! and an Impromptu Kitchen Photo Challenge

  1. Your kitchen is beautiful–even when it’s messy. 🙂 I love the white cupboards. Currently we are living in a rental house with ugly dark wood veneer cuboards with rusty knobs, and I dream of someday having a kitchen that’s bright, clean and white. You must feel blessed to have such a lovely home. 🙂

    • pebblekeeper says:

      I can’t even begin to express it! Every day I wake up feeling like I’m living in some sort of fantasy – Realizing who amazing heaven is going to be – because I think we are livin’ near it’s back porch right now. On the lake, a mile from the beach, in the most beautiful place ever, in a 1946 cabin – extended on throughout the years, so it has all the cute quirks of an old home. 🙂 It was designed through the years to be the family’s vacation home so it sleeps over 14 people, and we rent it with their furniture. I wonder each day why I am blessed so. Being a princess of the King is fun! – 🙂 Thanks for noticing!

  2. So I finally added your blog to my Google Reader so I can follow your everyday stuff. 🙂

    My hubby loves Costco hotdogs, in fact, tomorrow we are heading there for lunch and shopping. It is about 30 miles from us down in the valley so it is a “trip” for us to go to Costco.

    I also see that you went to the aquarium in Newport…we went there last year and had a fantastic time. The boys loved the sea otters.

    Six weeks until our Oregon vacation….wahoo.

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  4. I love this post, lol. I’m cannot take a picture of my kitchen right now because it is 4:00 am and if I take a picture then I have to clean it and the banging pots and pans will wake the crew. lol I fell asleep on the couch last nite EARLY vs. going to bed so here I sit. Glad to catch up on your blog. I love it!

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