Swampland, Captain Cook & USCG Rescue Missions


Swampland Frog

We took a drive down to Newport
on Weds to check out the
Swampland Exhibit
at the Oregon Coast Aquarium


Swampland Parana

The boys enjoyed walking through the Parana tank. 🙂

Swamp Land Bat Skull

For those of you doing the Bat Study – here is a Fruit Bat Skull for ya. 🙂

Swamp Land Eel

My favorite part of field trips is watching Darren and the boys get excited about the exhibits. 🙂

Aqarium Commun Murre

We got to see some Murres up close – they are the northern hemisphere’s version of Penguins. 🙂

Aqarium Eel

There are a couple of eels in the tanks that the boys had not seen before. They were fascinated. 🙂

tide pool anename pink

I have not seen a pink anemone in the wild. It would be an amazing find!
Lord Byron

“There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is a society where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, with music in its roar.”

Lord Byron

Tide Pool Sea Pen

Aqarium Text Sea PenOur “Learning” activity involved the Sea Pen.  “A sea pen looks and acts like a single organism but it’s acutally a colony of tiny animals called polyps. Some polyps trap food and some channel water in and out of the colony. Others make slime that glows in the dark. The lower half of the sea pen, a bulbous foot, is buried in the sandy bottom. When it senses a threat, the sea pen contracts, forcing water out of the colony and retreating into the sand until the threat is over.”


DSCN2556After a picnic under a shore pine – we meandered up the coast and stopped at the Cape Foulweather Lookout.  “Cape Foulweather was discovered by Captain James Cook, the English explorer on March 7, 1778. The weather was particulary stormy on the day of his discovery (winds of 100  MPH at the cape are not unusual). Captain Cook named the location Cape Foulweather, the first geographic location named on his voyage to the north Pacific coast. Once accounts of this voyage were published, world interest was aroused and the fur trade followed.”

Cape Foulweather Sign

I am a little surprised that the local Tribes have not been able to revise this sign. I used to work for the Coquille Tribe and the Coquille Economic Development Corporation, and we worked closely with the local tribe here, the Siletz -  I think they’d have a different sentiment. 🙂
DSCN2558 Cape Foulweather Cape Foulweater Looking North

View from Window Looking North
 DSCN2565 DSCN2567



After learning a bit about Captain James Cook – we wandered up to the Driftwood
Library to take part of their Summer Reading Club – a movie and demonstration of the folks at the Newport Station. Darren was enlisted for 4 years 10 months and I was enlisted for 8 years as a reservist.  I felt so old watching these right out of boot camp gung ho exicted young men describe their day to the kiddos. I think its the first time I “felt” old. 🙂 Even the First Class Petty Officer Boatswain Mate looked like he was a young man. 🙂 Sigh. Feels like lifetime ago – Darren enlisted in 1987, I in 1988. (We met in Petaluma in the Coast Guard by the way. )

DSCN2584 DSCN2570

DSCN2577 DSCN2582

Then–we came home and rented Alice in Wonderland and had a nice quiet evening. 🙂

You might like to see our trip to the Lincoln County Museum this week too . . .


This post was written with the Field Trip Friday participation in mind.  I usually do not take as many pictures of the posters and such for our normal family archives – but I have found it is fun sharing with y’all and it helped me to remember dates and times and peoples and things. :)  I might have the boys take moments while out and about and incorporate their narration this winter, when the exhibits are slower – by writing out some of the posters. :)  Where have you been this week? Take your camera along and share with the rest of the class?  Thanks.


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  1. Jenny says:

    I’m a week behind on my blog reading…

    This looks like a great day. My husband and kids LOVE aquariums. And yes, that sign is interesting indeed. :0

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