Creative? or Idea Stealing?

I have recently heard quite a few moms compliment me on my activities and ideas lately.

What? Me? Creative? More like – Follower, Idea Snatcher, Copy Cat.

I think I need to give more shout outs to those who encourage and inspire me!

This morning already – Makita has me all interested in Zentangles? See I’m not really good at retention – but I’m seeing what I mean . . . what? You can’t? Well go to her site and check out her summer art fair.  Crazy Creative that lil’ Chickie!

Then I start cracking up at Journey Into Unschooling’s Nerf Penguin that was created during their Play Dough a Thon.  Play dough a thon?  Who thinks these things up?  Not I. But I’m a goin’ ta copy it this year! Just like their Marble Run. Which made my lil boy just think I was the best mama ever as he made homes for his penguins and marble runs the size of our dining room last winter!

My favorite idea snatching site is Barb’s Handbook of Nature Study. I am so excited! The new fall e-book is now available – and, this week, it comes with a freebie from Notebooking! Wow! I have my Art Study, Nature Study, and Notebooking Pages all loaded up.  I havn’t printed yet this morning – as I’ve been laughing at poor nerf penguins. I think this year I will make a weather notebooking –er-book – and have it a part of our morning or afternoon observations. I’d really like to cement down the names of the clouds. Every time we study them, we all think we have it, then , without use, they names go away for the different layers. And, living on the Oregon Coast. We gotsa lotta clouds. 🙂

This year I get to be a part of This Old Schoolhouse’s Review Crew – so quite a few of our academic ideas will come from them. Tomorrow I get to tell you all about Nathan’s Paragraph Writing online Course, and next week I get to fill you in on our Math decisions for the year. 🙂 They make us schedule our posts – and it is teaching me to be patient Torturing ME!!!

What great websites do you check in every day to help you with your unschooling /  eclectic / charlotte mason / ruth beechick /relaxed learning homeschool activities?

Maybe. One of these days. The boys and I will come up with an idea of our own.  In Lincoln City, Oregon they usually involve 50 ways to torture a slug. Wait. Nope. Someone already wrote the book on that . . . .


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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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5 Responses to Creative? or Idea Stealing?

  1. If I have a creative idea, I’ve probably snatched it from somewhere, too. But isn’t that one of the reasons we all blog, to share the little treasures we stumble across so others can “steal” the ideas, too? 🙂

    • pebblekeeper says:

      That’s Exactly the 85 percent reason I blog in the morning. See what others did yesterday so I can have a plan for today . . . ha ha. 🙂
      I post to share ideas, share enthusiasm, and share the “If this dingbat with limited vocabulary can do this – You Can Too!”

  2. amy in peru says:

    yay! I’m excited to see that you’re in OR. I’m from Ptld, OR and my parents go to Lincoln City every month. fun. well, I bought the OHC e-book too, I came from there actually… the carnival.

    well, hope to see you around 😉

    amy in peru

  3. corine says:

    You are an absolutely, awesome, stealer/borrower!!!! 😀 Way to Rock! ;D

  4. Makita says:

    You crack me up! I think we all steal, borrow & follow others! 🙂

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