Learn to Read Bibles

Want a reader for your young ones? Our family has enjoyed the Rocket Reader Learn to Read Bible.  We never finished the 100 easy lessons. We have gone back and forth on the Spell to Write and Read. We have not been faithful with our McGufffy Readers. But –

DSCN5268 Both boys have read the entire 440 pages of the Learn To Read Bible, both finishing when they were nine.

Jon Finished Today! Woo Hoo!

We talked this morning about celebrating when he got done – but didn’t quite know what to do.  Today is the monthly day that we may visit our local food bank.  The clerk asked if we wanted some cake. I said no. Boy said yes, and she brought us out a huge chocolate cake with rasberry filling.  Both Boys said that we could now celebrate the bible reading in style!  It was enough to encourage Jon to spend 2 hours this afternoon finishing up the new testament.  He was amazed at how much Paul is in there. 🙂  He was excited that John got to finish it off by reminding us that Jesus will come back and take us to Heave – where we will live Forever.  He rolled forever off his tongue a few times. Not a week, not a month, not til the next move –but forever. I told him I didn’t think about it cause it makes my noggin hurt.  He looked surprised. Oh the simple childlike faith.  He was so encouraged by forever – May you be too!

DSCN5262 DSCN5263
DSCN5265 DSCN5267

As for learning to read – each page introduces two new words, and then uses them for the rest of the book. Each page builds on the next.  At the top of each page is the correct reference for the Bible. Many times we stopped after a story and told who the “wise Man” or “Tall Man” was. We looked up the story in context, referring to the complete Word that these were truth, and not fiction.  Jon started last year when we were not faithful with our Awana Time, and like Nate – he could barely read when he started.  Now, almost a year later – He is reading like a pro. 🙂

His Word will forever be implanted on his heart.

Their favorite phrase from the Learn to Read Bible – was mentioned time and again after Man messed up – But God Had a Plan.  It has become a theme phrase for our family.

Jon is eager to go purchase a little bit harder to read bible with more of the story  in it. 🙂 And, he’s eagerly awaiting dad to get home from work so we can eat cake. 🙂

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3 Responses to Learn to Read Bibles

  1. Honey says:

    Where can find a copy of this?


  2. Blossom says:

    But God had a plan.
    Nicely stated! Congrats, Jon and Nate 🙂

    Yummm, cake…. 🙂

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