First Lego League Meeting 2


What’s that say? 1, 518 Pieces? Our Game Kit came to the house late Thursday evening.  We received 3 boxes.  A long box with the game pieces and mat, a puffy envelope with some CD’s the Coache’s manual and pins, and .   . . . . a box with a motor for a Honda Civic Driver’s Side Door Window.    . What?


We drove down to deliver the package to our neighbor hoping to find our Lego Robot box on their door – but no.  Our amazing ORTOP leader gave me the tracking code and we should have 3 boxes delivered this week. 🙂 Yeah!

In the mean time, one of our dads built us a folding Lego table!


(Say Hi to Darren – the Petra School Dad)

We took the advice found on the internet and immediately unrolled the playing mat, flipped it over, and re-rolled it from the opposite side.
You can see here that it lies relatively flat 24 hrs later. Great tip!


Friday’s Meeting – 2nd Week

We started off with a project given to us by the  Lego League Coaching. Org blog. Programming a Parent. This is a project to teach the rookie FLL team members how to think like a robot.  I emailed the project to the parents earlier in the week and asked for a volunteer robot for the evening. Then, using my Lego Mindstorms NXT software, I spent some time programing the computer for the following tasks:

Move two blocks forward. Right Turn. Move five blocks forward. Left Turn. Move One Block forward to the table. Shut the Laptop Lid. Return to the Start Block. 

As a Rookie Coach for FLL, I want to get a feel for the software programming as well. It took me a while, and a bit walking the dining room blocks of tile, to figure out how to write the program.  The “Parent Robot” would have 3 motors.  B & C for the legs, A for the arm.  After cutting paper into 5.5×4.25 squares, I wrote out the software blocks on them, and left it blank.  MOVE UP DOWN Motors A B C  _____ Rotations  _____ Degrees.  I created some Blank MY BLOCKS ad Blank Loops.

The goal as to teach the boys to think in steps, learn reusablity,  create My Blocks and Loops, and trouble shoot their programming. We used a long bench for the “computer screen”.

DSCN5867 DSCN5869

I don’t have any photos in process – but it was GREAT!  The kids showed creativity and thought as they warmed up to the thinking process. Quickly solved problems, worked as a team, eager and energetic! We had a great fun Parent Robot which helped too! The kids had to “program” the computer and then tell the Robot to Play by writing out each step on paper before telling the Robot. They liked the idea of creating  My Block for the Right Turn and Left Turn.  On the return trip I told them what  Loop does and they quickly put that into their return path.   They kids successfully programmed a “Robot” to complete a “Mission” in 45 minutes!!! Oh the joy of seeing these young children in action!

Some friends and I separated the kit pieces into color groups earlier in the day – and since we had time left, we set up a building station in the living room to work on the Game Pieces. The kids took turns sorting which piece was needed, giving it to the builder and scrolling through the instructions.  The instructions to build are on sevearal PDF files.  I do not have color ink, so we will use the computers to build.  Next week I plan on splitting the team into three building groups, with three computers so that they can each be more involved in the building.

 DSCN5864DSCN5870DSCN5876     DSCN5872DSCN5875DSCN5873    

Thanks Lego League Coaching.Org for the great ideas!!!


It was a gorgeous day on the lake yesterday, warm sun! The moms and dads enjoyed coffee on the deck while I got to play with their kiddos! It felt like a fun lego party again, yet, there was alot of learning – in programming – team work – leadership – and following directions.  Throw into the mix 9 visitors on our property last evening – an extra team member tying it out – and our 7 team members with  8 parents and 2 siblings here – it was a Great Second Meeting!


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2 Responses to First Lego League Meeting 2

  1. theCoach says:

    Great job! I’m glad my advice is helping. It looks like the kids are really picking up things quickly. We do our Programming a Parent session tomorrow night.

    I can see that I’m going to have to really keep up on my posts. If you have any requests for posts, be sure to let me know. I’ve coached for so many years, I forget what a rookie coach would like to know.

    Congrats on a great second meeting!

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