Foundlings Chronicles

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Zoe and Sozo Publishing sent my family a copy of the Foundlings Book One Chronicles for review for This Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Their joy in presenting this new series is that there is no magic, no evolution and no humanism. Their literature says it is not fantasy – but rather historical fiction.

From a family who just out of personal preference does not enjoy Fantasy Genre, we had a hard time enjoying the read aloud of this book. However – You should know that we really don’t like any of the Fantasy type books others have asked us to read!  So – for my friends who have tried to get us to read these types of books, no – we didn’t love this one – but we thought of you!

I think, if  you have a child who is excited to dive in to the ancient worlds – what better way to spend their time – than with characters who love the Lord, who cry out to Him for help, who stop to Praise Him, and acknowledge God for their strength and support – instead of their own inner young child strength and wisdom. and Barnes & Noble have the book available for 11.95.  If you are looking for a great book for your 10 and older crowd to devour – check out this new series at Zoe and Sozo Publishing!

Disclaimer – I received this book free of charge for my honest opinion. On a book level  – This seems to be a great story – I felt, that since my friends know I do not prefer this type of book – I should say that this one did not break the mold – however, if you do like them – this seems to be a great book and I do think that having a book in this ancient text with a new earth, no evolution and no magic is a great addition to the libraries of our 10 and up crowd!

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2 Responses to Foundlings Chronicles

  1. Briana says:

    Wow, you do a really good job with your nature studies! Looks like everyone learned a lot.

  2. Angela says:

    Hello from a fellow crew member! This genre doesn’t interest me at all, either. My son, however, was thrilled. Happy Day.

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