Need a Single Player Game? Timberdoodle Has them!


We have enjoyed purchasing our Homeschool supplies and homeschool curriculum at Incorporating  family games or educational games to build the understanding and skills has been where Timberdoodle has helped us out the most!   One area that is new to us – is the Single player games like Solitaire Chess. 

Last week we were able to review the Solitaire Chess for free in exchange for an honest review of the single player game.

And I am So Glad!

The product arrived quickly in the mail – arriving in perfect condition with a Free Catalog – while we were in the middle of our nature studies.  We were eager to open the game and try to figure it out. Our only dislike of the product – lies with the manufacturer. The product is packaged like Fort Knox. Good Gravy the cards are hard to get out – the first time. 🙂 When there are boys jumping around eager to play – i yi yi. 🙂

The really cool plastic container has a tray to hold the chess pieces and a sliding tray to hold 60 chess challenges. Jon, my 9 year old, quickly got to reading the instructions with me.  There are light blue symbols on the cards to let you know how to set up each challenge. The goal – each move must take out a piece – there will be one piece left on the card when the challenge is over, think through the entire challenge before moving pieces.  If there is a King in the challenge – he has to be the last piece standing.  Pretty simple.

The book comes with great graphics of how each piece can move.  We have studied Chess as part of Keepers of the Faith – and during that study we created a lapbook to learn the names and moves of each piece.  Jon could quickly take hold of this game and run with it. He has been taking it to bed at night and is in the 20’s now of challenges. He quickly went through 8 challenges on the first time working with the Solitaire Chess.  It takes me a bit longer to figure them out 🙂 . Knowing the pieces made this a GREAT game for us. But  – I could see that this game in itself would really help a person to learn the moves without the need to know the whole board.  Here is a video of Jon figuring out card number 6 in 45 seconds.  (If the Video does not load, the link to YouTube is here.)


We recommend ThinkFun’s Solitaire Chess to families who want a stand alone game, great for car rides, great for quite room time, great for honing thinking skills and chess skills.

DSCN6880 DSCN6878

Oh – and by the way – we’ve been taking video of some of our Timberdoodle Homeschool Curriculum.
Good Gravy are they quiet while the camera is rolling. Would anyone tell on me if I told them I was recording all the time????


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6 Responses to Need a Single Player Game? Timberdoodle Has them!

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  4. Briana says:

    We reviewed this game also. My post will be up tomorrow. Loved this game!

  5. I absolutely LOVE Timberdoodle and have purchased from them many times over the past 12 years. I’ve never been disappointed with the products or service that I’ve received. Amazingly, we just unpacked some of our games this afternoon and guess what? Many of them are from Timberdoodle! Rush Hour is our all time favorite game for single players but I’m not sure if they still offer it. Have fun with your games! We’ll be having fun getting reaquainted with ours. Blessings! 🙂

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