Geography Terms Tour – Mesa

Colorado, Grand Mesa

This month we stayed in North America visiting Colorado and Central Oregon to learn the differences in Mesas and Plateaus as a part of our homeschool  Geography Term Tour!

Learning Together Through Games

We started off our journey with tools from  -  10 Days in the USA and a book called The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Book. When the boys were younger we used Galloping the Globe, also sold by Timberdoodle, by my copy got lost in our move? Loaned out? Misplaced?


It was stormy outside this week, which provided for a good time to hunker down, drink hot apple cider and brush up on our states. The boys LOVE this game, we have had it for a couple of years now. Usually we just play for fun, but today I wanted them to see the states form into Regions and to relate the distance to Colorado from Oregon.


I am working through the suggestions from The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide for Middle School – sweeping Jon in Fourth Grade right along with us.


In this game, players get to pick ten cards. In the game rules, you line them up on a board, then create your trip while you play. We learned from a friend who allows a pre-planning time to line up the cards first – before putting them in the boards. Once a card is set in the board – it can not be moved. Replaced by another card, yes, but not moved or swapped on your board. You want to create  a trip that you can Walk, Drive, or Fly through 10 cards. I set up my cards to start in Alaska, fly  to South Carolina, Walk to Georgia, Walk to North Carolina.  Looks like I left Nevada and North Dakota in as place holders while I waited to go to Pennsylvnia, to Wisconsin and on up the Eastern States. I never did pull this trip together. The boys finished theirs First. :)  (Walk from state to state – Drive to move from one state over, like Washington, DRIVE, California – Fly from Same Color Planes to Same Color States) It does take playing the game one time to really understand the moves, but then – you’re addicted. 🙂 We have the 10 Days In Europe as well.


Learning with Tools – Atlas – Curriculum – Maps – Google Images – Internet Research

We printed off the pages out of the Ultimate Geography and Timeline Book – referencing the blank states as we played. Then, using colored pencils we divided off the Regions mentioned in the book.  I promised Mrs. Taffy that I’d show her how excited our pup is during Geography –

   DSCN7444 DSCN7446DSCN7447
She keeps one ear up so she can keep tabs on where we are Going.
Every time we say Going in the game, the ear comes up.
The boys decided she had a good idea and joined her for a while while I took pictures of the table. 🙂

We spent some time on line looking at photos of Mesa’s and Plateaus. Looking at the Grand Mesa in Colorado was not a great way to start. The boys had a hard time pulling out what it was exactly. Since it is 500 square miles, I guess that’s valid. We googled Crooked River Ranch and Warm Springs to see pictures of Plateaus. A Mesa is elevated on all sides, and a plateau is elevated on 3 sides.  1/3 of the earth is formed of Plateaus and they are found in every continent. We learned that the hard rock stays after erosion or flooding strips the sand or sedimentary rock away. Jon recalls seeing many of these formations throughout the Tumalo Area, Nate remembered the areas around Prineville and Warm Springs. Neither boy could picture the bridge at Crooked River. . . . Strange. We narrowed our search of Mesas and found some smaller example on Google Images – and it finally clicked. :)  Using the definitions from the TUG&G Book to put in our lapbooking  pages.  Now – This month might have hit an all time low in the creative organized plethora of information for a lapbook page. But – the boys were willing, having a great time, and did put in the facts. I almost didn’t show their pages, but in all fairness, we have to share our uncolorful moments too. 🙂



 DSCN7641 DSCN7643

Next Month we will be in Europe studying Sounds. If you would like to join us on the Geography Terms Tour – just look up our term in your studies, then link up your post in the comments! Or a note saying you incorporated our Geography Terms in your study.

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  3. Mrs. Taffy says:

    That’s just great! Our dogs DO look a like! We just bought her (Mocha) a rubber pig that snorts when she chews it. You should have seen have high she jumped the first time she bit into it, I’m still laughing about it! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. We’d love an Oregon card anytime. Leave me a message and we can get into touch and trade addresses. My kids will enjoy doing this geography hop.



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