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This week we get to play with a product by – Book Collector.  I can tell you that this little gem would have come in handy when we were trying to catalog the Central Oregon Homeschool Library!  You can use a scanner to enter, ISBN, or manual. It would quickly let you know where you have duplicates – one snazzy central location of all of our books.  Right now, in our home, we do not have an extensive book library. We sold /gave away quite a few of our books in the move, so I only have two small book cases in the home – I rely heavily on the library system for our choices. However – I found a little trick you could do – that made my heart swell – and made me o so glad I was included on this review!

If you click on the third button from the left – a folder button – and direct it to scan a folder – I chose the USER folder – it will scan for ebooks and mps3’s. Oooo-Eeee-Mama.  I’m wondering why I have been reluctant to get an e-reader.  After quite  few years of being a homeschool radio show fan, homeschool freebies fan, and um, just about any fan of homeschool e-books – upon the first scan of my computer – it found. . .  . . ..898 ebooks. Seriously?  Yep.  I am working through the list – making the titles work for me. I have tried two or three other software companies to help me catalog these – but this has got to be the easiest so far. 898? I thought it would be more like 20. 🙂 Denial.


  Book Collectorz book-iphone-rowPro Edition $49.95 price
Standard Edition $29.95. 
The software runs on either Windows or Mac. 
There is an iPhone app is available to check your books away from home. 
A free trial is available for you to fully check out all of the features.
Visit the Collectorz website, clicking on any of the photos above will direct you to their site as well.

I received the Book Collectorz Pro Edition for free in exchange for my review with the TOS Crew.

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  1. Nice job! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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