Homeschool Blog Awards 2010 Nominees


Petra School is honored to be a Nominee for the Homeschool Blog Awards.  The last two years I have looked through the Nominees in awe. Clicking on each blog – slowly reading their work. I was in awe of these families who spent so much time sharing their lives – ideas – creativity- failures – triumphs – lesson plans – and heart – with me.  It changed the way I blogged. I started as an online photo album with captions on Windows Live Spaces to share stories with my family out of town – but this year made the leap to full fledge blog – transparent homeschooling – with whomever happened by. As more people stop by – it is like throwing a party – you’re glad they are there – but you start seeing things you need to be accommodating – things to clean up – things to let go.

I am working this month at trying to refocus the blog – back to the original format of writing – just to report on our days – in our weird way – without “seeing everyone at the party” – It was a lot easier to be myself before the camera crews showed up. 🙂 But – That’s why I’m here. If anything – you’ll walk away from – if that strange girl can stand back and present those amazing boys – then ANYONE can do it! Seriously.

I am honored to announce that Petra School has been nominated for Best New Blog and Best Photo Blog.  I would love a vote in either or both categories. If you can only vote for one – Best Photo  would be great. Imagine winning a Best Photo Blog on  90 dollar Nikon Camera Shots!!!! Wouldn’t that be funny.

Best New Homeschool Blog –

Best Photo and Artistic Content – Don’t judge us on our Zombie Eating Mosquito art. 🙂

For more than the vote –

I ask you

To consider the other little PebbleKeepers out there –

Fresh into homeschooing – fresh into sharing with blogging – who will have a whole new world opened to them like I did.

Pray for their laundry pile and the thought to throw the chicken in the crock pot today as they browse sites.

Pray for them to connect with other people like Hodgepodge Mom, Academia Celestia, Handbook of Nature Study, A Thousand WordsThe Legacy of Home among others –

So that they get the support and encouragement they need. A cyber family – of friends – The category that Cracked me up? Super Homeschooler. Cause if you read any of our blogs – You’ll know that’s funny.

Angie – AKA Pebblekeeper – AKA Petra School.

(I haven’t voted in every category yet give me a shout out of where you’d like a vote thrown in  – it may help my readers decide too!)

About +Angie Wright

The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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5 Responses to Homeschool Blog Awards 2010 Nominees

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  2. Taunya says:

    Congrats on the nomination!

  3. Congrats on the nominations! 🙂

  4. Mrs. Taffy says:

    Sweet! I’ll vote for you! I’m doing a post about this same thing! 🙂 I was nominated in a different category! Fun!

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