Breakfast with the Gulls


Nate and I walked the beach yesterday to see what the storms had washed up – what we found – was the opposite – We saw what the storms have been washing away! Tons and Tons of sand! Several of the round rocks at Roads End are more exposed than I saw all last winter. However, there is still quite a bit of sand up to the cliffs, so I expect the sand will level out over the month. The surf was too heavy to explore any of the rocks even at low tide which was only a 2.6 at 10am. This shot of the gull was taken past the 3.6 optical zoom and into the digital zoom which is why the background is grainy. Nate wanted to see what was in the Gull’s mouth. Sea Star for Breakfast!


We learned of a couple this week that was swept off of the jetty in Newport. My prayers go out to their family. We are friends with quite a few of the rescue personnel in town and hear far too often of rescues – and the recoveries. I’m not sure how to say that these are huge powerful waves that demand our respect? We live about a mile from the ocean and I am many a times pulled into wakefulness by the pounding surf.  There are signs of warnings at each entrance, and almost every time we go to the beach, we see a vacationing family risk life over a photo shot or a spash by a wave.  Some of the comments on the death in Newport this week is that “they” should put up a gate when the water is rough. I’m not sure who “they” are that would be responsible for monitoring the surf, and closing gates. One of the joys of Oregon’s Publicly Owned Beaches is that there are no gates. 

Bikes-at-Roads-End-Lincoln-This is a beautiful shot – but also a potentially sad one.  See the two bike riders? See the water line of where the waves have been?  As you get out to Road’s End it is not wise to follow the water line of the ocean, but rather the water line to the east that you see on the beach. Question to yourself why that sand is so wet . . . . The end of Road’s End towards the mouth of the Salmon River on the other side pulls the water in several directions. The Surf will come in at unpredictable ways.

Pretty to see – but get a zoom. Stand Back. You’ll go home with plenty of sand in the pockets and sea spray on your brow. :) 

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