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I was introduced to See-N-Read -we are so thrilled! At first glance – these small simple tools might look like nifty bookmarks – to underline text in a book – place markers.

I put them around the house and encouraged the family to use them in their daily readings – Here is we experienced –

Angie – “I had a teacher’s assignment to read quite a few pages from a text from the early 1900’s. The text is small, the type font is difficult to read, especially in the evening with tired eyes.  I pulled out the Memory Mark to help me underline parts of the texts to report back to my online group – and discovered my first joy! My eyes relaxed. I could hold the book farther away. I had less strain deciphering which word or line I was on. What a joy to read this text with the See-N-Read Memory Mark!”

Nate – “I really like the See-N-Read when I am doing my Writing work. For the past two days I have been outlining paragraphs and I get frustrated with finding my place each time.  I used the See-N-Read with my homework and the frustration was gone! It was easier to find my place, know which paragraph I was on, and the Narration part of re-writing the paragraph went so much faster!”

Jon – “I like the See-N-Read when I read big paragraphs. It helps me to know what line I am on while I am reading – that is the hardest part for me is jumping lines.”

Angie – “ I was working on html code online with WordPress – Trying to put a photo album into the website. I was missing a few words of code and was getting frustrated. I remembered that I had the See-N-Read for the PC on my computer so I turned it on to help me read the code piece for piece. I found it quickly – frustration gone! If I was activly working on web sites right now, this would be a must have product!”

Angie – “I have used the See-N-Read with the books and online.  The larger the text – the harder it is to use the product – it takes a bit of learning to move the marker down the sheet in time with fast reading.  Online, it seems that the more strained and tired my eyes are – the more it helps. For my morning blog reading – it was a hindrance to me – as I had to scroll the page and the bookmark. I did find, with practice, I got the page to move with ease. We were doing quite a bit of online reading for Lego League – and it would have been nice to have to keep the whole class on the same line of reading.  I would purchase the See-N-Read or the See-N-Read Markers – but I am not sure we would have an immediate need for the See-N-Read for the PC at this time.”

More than a bookmark – easy to underline tool- or reader guide – is the science behind this carefully crafted product. The company sent me the information in printed format which I really appreciated. You can read the Articles, Research and Story of the products on the links below.


  • Read N See Articles
  • See N Read Research
  • See N Read Story
  • See N Read for the PC – $29.00
  • See N Read Memory Mark – $2.99 Each; Various Pkg Prices
  • See N Read – $2.99 Each: Various Pricing for Pkgs.
  • This past month we were sent a free package from See-n-Read Reading Tools as part of our participation in This Old Schoolhouse Review Crew which included the See-N-Read, Memory Mark and a trial of the Read for the PC in exchange for our usage and honest review.

    The Old Schoolhouse, A Magazine for Homeschool Families Website has a page where The  Crew links up their reviews at the end of an informative article about each product. If you’d like to read reviews from different learning styles, abilities, experiences, family size etc etc, – Check it out here! –

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    4 Responses to See-N-Read–Frustration Buster!

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    2. Steve Smith says:

      In the blogs generated on January 7, there was one concerning the eSee-N-Read electronic reading tool for PCs entitled “Frustration Buster”.

      In it, Angie said
      “Online, it seems that the more strained and tired my eyes are – the more it helps. For my morning blog reading – it was a hindrance to me – as I had to scroll the page and the bookmark”

      Actually, if the user double-clicks on the eSee-N-Read™ to bring it to full screen (or clicks on the Maximize icon at the upper right), the ReadBar™ (clear window) becomes stationary and the user can scroll their document without the eSee-N-Read™ moving. The user avoids the issue that Angie mentions of tryiing to scroll both the tool and the reading material .

    3. Mrs. White says:

      I love the quotes from family members sharing their experience! Great job!

      Mrs. White

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