Outdoor Hour Challenge, Winter Weeds

Here on the coast, our weeds are just a tad bit purdier than most parts of the country . . . I received my first After Walk offering of a Dandelion – or as I like to refer to it – Composite Cousin of the Sunflower!





I welcome these little blue beauties, Forget Me Nots, in the winter and early spring, but by summer – they have to all be pulled up. They’ll choke out the roses! Well. Not choke. But – they do become a Weed – “A flower growing where it is not desired”. For now these little blue and yellow  pretties get to hang out in the garden for a while.



Bulbs are growing nicely all over the property. This year we know where they are, and will be more careful with the mowing.


I’m not sure what this is.  . . . it was in the middle of the front yard.  . . .Surely not a fire. Hopefully a make pretend camping trip . . .



These daffodils grace the Hydrangea pot until they bloom out.  Beautiful.

Our winter has been quite wet and flooded. Any dried weeds that we had were swamped over and broken off.  We still have yet to get over to our Cattail Spot – but we will . . . .

2554230385_267cdef370_mSalt and Winter Weeds

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5 Responses to Outdoor Hour Challenge, Winter Weeds

  1. Phyllis says:

    Look at all your flowers! Wow! All we have is dried weeds. No flowers for a long time yet. As always, love your nature study entry.

  2. Amy says:

    Wow! How nice to see flowers. Even if they are “weeds”….I would surely welcome them instead of more snow. Beautiful photographs.

  3. I like dandelions. I can’t imagine flowers not being desired. the nasty crab grass- yes, I can imagine that not desired. We don’t get many dandelions in Ca, but we had a lot in our yard in Ohio. I thought they made the plain grass look prettier and more spunky.

    thanks for stopping by our pickle autopsy blog page!

  4. Heather says:

    i just got my first after winter dandelion, too.

  5. We saw dandelions this week too….they are hardy little plants aren’t they.

    I really enjoyed getting to peek around your garden….weeds and flowers too! Thanks for sharing your Oregon weather and colors with the OHC.

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