Benefits of Blog Reading–President’s Day Cherry Cheese Cake!

After reading about Tarts and Cookies at so many blogs this week – like All Things Beautiful and Almost Unschoolers to name a couple – I felt inclined the Peer Pressure to pick up a can of Cherries for President’s Day. 

I didn’t have cake mix, and Almost Unschoolers didn’t really sell me that it was the best recipe – just a great idea – All Things Beautiful would mean I’d have to make or buy Pie Dough – and I was feeling lazy so – Enter Pampered Chef Memories from the late 1990’s– Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake.
(I googled and found this recipe-


You use 12 of the crescent roll pieces to make the circle – so you will need 2 pkgs.


Make sure you use your Pampered Chef tools – supposedly it makes the food taste better, or at least that’s what my Pampered Chef Party Maker told me. . . . See my round stone by the way? It was one of the first things I purchased back in 1996?1997? I still use it every day.


Use the remaining pieces to put the top on, I fluted the edges and turned up the middle circle. My Pampered Chef Party Maker used to make every thing pretty. She inspires me.



Glad I took a before photo. The Crescent didn’t really bake to form . . .


The filling was so soft and airy – yum-o. Thanks blog moms who shared all of their President’s Day Cherry Dishes!  I wish I could remember them all for a proper shout out!

Did you make a cherry dish?

The boys officially really like President’s Day.

Thank you Presidents Past and Present for standing for our country!

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5 Responses to Benefits of Blog Reading–President’s Day Cherry Cheese Cake!

  1. I made this this morning but I was in a rush and I didn’t pay much attention to detail. Yours is so much prettier. The boys didn’t seem to notice, however.

  2. Vanessa V. Westmoreland says:

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing the memories. It looks as good as ANYTHING that your Pampered Chef lady could have ever presented. Yours Truly, Vanessa, …..Truly and proudly your former Pampered Chef lady!

  3. Tricia says:

    Besides looking delicious, it is beautiful!!

  4. Ohhhh! That looks good. I’ll admit I was one those Pampered Chef party guests who sampled everything, oohed and aahed, and then went off to Walmart to buy the cheaper version of everything 🙂 Probably a good choice over the cake mix cookies – though my family still say they were wonderful (I’m counting calories – so none for me).

  5. Phyllis says:

    Oh, boy, that looks YUM! I am going to have to try this.

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