Outdoor Hour Challenge, Birds

Outdoor Hour Challenge, Birds, originally uploaded by Pebblekeeper.

Trying a new to me thing from flickr – and Windows Live Photo Gallary – Posting photos to a movie – and then to flickr and then to the blog – using their tools – So if this post disappears in a few moments – it didn’t work.  Update – IT DID WORK! WOOT!  I used Windows Live Photo Gallary – to Create a Movie – then uploaded it to flickr.  Then, I used the Blog This button in flickr – and WOO HOO. Working Movie in my post. Their flash code has never worked with wordpress.com  – but the Blog It button does. I’ve totally lost my thought of what I wanted for this post. . . . .

Bird Counts – For February

We have seen –

  1. Red Winged Blackbird
  2. Chickadee, Black Cap
  3. Crow, American
  4. Flicker, Northern
  5. Goose, Canada
  6. Grouse, Ruffed
  7. Gull, Western
  8. Hawk, Coopers,
  9. Heron, Great Blue
  10. Jay, Stellers’
  11. Junco, Dark Eyed
  12. Kingfisher, Belted
  13. Kinglet, Golden Crowned
  14. Mallard
  15. Pigeon, Band Tailed
  16. Raven, Common
  17. Robin, American
  18. Sapsucker, Red-Breasted
  19. Sparrow, House
  20. Woodpecker, Hairy
  21. Varied Thrush – Added 2/26
  22. Black Capped Chickdee – 2/26

Not on the Long Data Sheet  –

  1. Egret,
  2. Coot,
  3. Bufflehead,
  4. Scaup,
  5. Grebe,
  6. Merganser

(Semimonthly Bird Checklist Project for Lincoln County Bird List)

I am really not good at remembering to put down counts.  We have noticed a huge jump in the showing of the Oregon Junco and the Stellar Blue Jays. We are hearing alot more twittering in the trees, of yet to be identified birds. A small family of Gulls has decided to keep look out on our side of the lake – 15-20, someone must be throwing out kitchen compost.

On the fish side – I’ve noticed that I have not seen the Carp on our side of the lake for quite some time. They used to swim over daily. Not sure if I am missing them? If I missed them sleeping out winter last year? 

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Barn and Tree Swallows. They fill the evening air with their arodynamics!

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4 Responses to Outdoor Hour Challenge, Birds

  1. Dawn says:

    Great list! I enjoyed your slide show. I wonder if the bird in question is a Pacific Loon. I’m looking at the Sibley guide and the winter plumage looks similar to your picture. I live in the east and love seeing birds from other parts of the country. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have more variety on your list than we do…we only have 25 so far…one more day for our February list. 🙂

    It looks like you have a lot more shore birds or water fowl and I am impressed that you are able to name them. I have a really hard time with water fowl….but I am learning slowly.

    Thanks Angie for sharing your birds both in the slideshow and words. I appreciate you sharing your link with the OHC.

    • pebblekeeper says:

      I wasted last year, thinking that they were all “ducks”. This year the boys and I are spending alot of time learning each shape, wing, and bill. There are others on the LIncoln County Birders that “see” quite a few other birds that are supposed to be in the lake, but either they are not on the north east end of the lake – or I ‘m still seeing “ducks”. 😉 Thanks.

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