Science Fair Preparations – Writing

We looked into the preparations for documenting this Scientific Process and held a family meeting.

Flash back – As my long time readers may recall – this was going to be the year that our oldest son would work on writing – until he could create a paragraph with ease. This summer, I really had low expectations. Write a real sentence. Write four of them that sort of go together, that one might construe to be a paragraph by the end of the year.  Lofty Goals eh?

Well, that night, we got notice that Nate would participate in a review for Time 4 Writing. We finished the 8 weeks excited that the paragraphs were now easy to write out, but lamented at the quality of the sentences. Again, that night, we were told he could review a new writing program – The Write Foundation. He has used the first 15 lessons, and the company graciously  sent us the next 15 lessons. (Thanks The Write Foundation!!!)

Flash back to present – When I handed Nate the books on air and motion  – he sat down and quickly wrote out two pages of research. He pieced together the why and how to the results of his science project. Quickly, he wrote out paragraphs for each of the parts of the scientific process. Detailed words.  Descriptions. Outlines. Use of First, Next, Finally.  I am so excited!

I asked around Facebook and a few Science Friends – that after all of his hand writing – would it be ok if I typed out his notes.  They all agreed to yes.  He changed the font and size and layout – picked out the colors of the papers and selected the layout of the presentation board, picking the photos to go along with the procedure.

I really can’t imagine that we would be at this point at the end of the year.  I know. I prayed. I know – I tell all the young moms that God will train the boys.  But sometimes I see how much of a glimmer of hope that is in my heart – when I am overjoyed when it actually happens.  Time 4 Writing was a fun online program.  The Write Foundation is just a few minutes a day – but it builds and holds the boys accountable to be great.

I read a great quote by Diane Hopkins this morning – from Heart to Heart with Diane Hopkins – “I think it is because I had the mistaken idea that I was the creator.” Oh – you’ve got to read the whole article! –

If you are sitting with a young son who is 12 or 13 who does not like to write – I say – pray. Ask the Lord to teach him and give him the desire. Then look for the tools that will help him – daily – practice.  I am still recommending The Write Foundation – Diane Hopkins has quite a few choices at Love to Learn. I am taking some of her advice for Math that I read today for Jon – but that’s another post.

Chin up my friends. I know my heart has been lifted this weekend!  (Nate’s Science Report will post on Thursday).

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3 Responses to Science Fair Preparations – Writing

  1. I keep hearing about A Time 4 Writing…I need to check it out.
    Amie-hoppin’ by

  2. Phyllis says:

    I am over here cheering! This is so wonderful!

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