Of Wisdom Gained from Netflix and Proverbs, In that Order.

So in our previous post, Nate was curled up in the chair by the window looking up Brother’s Questions – He had a few of his own that he wanted to discuss.

It went something like this –

Hey mom.  I was reading this morning in Proverbs. And it talked about –
(Cue Mom rolling eyes, because he is supposed to be looking up Speculated – Not finding things to do on his Ipod – even if the distraction is God’s Holy Word. Just sayin’.)

Strangers, and foreigners and it all ended up with your flesh being eaten.  . . . .
(Now he has Jon’s attention and I’m thinking the “eating poisonous mushrooms” triggered a memory of his reading this passage)

So he reads this part aloud –

10lest strangers take their fill of your strength,
   and your(N) labors go to the house of a foreigner,
11and at the end of your life you(O) groan,
   when your flesh and body are consumed,
12and you say,(P) “How I hated discipline,
   and my heart(Q) despised reproof!
13I did not listen to the voice of my teachers
   or incline my ear to my instructors.
14(R) I am at the brink of utter ruin
   in the assembled congregation.”

I grab his Ipod Touch and scroll back up through the Olive Tree App to put the paragraph in context.  Yes – it is talking about a Forbidden Woman. Reading through the first nine verses –

1(A) My son, be attentive to my wisdom;
(B) incline your ear to my understanding,
2that you may keep(C) discretion,
   and your lips may(D) guard knowledge.
3For the lips of(E) a forbidden[a] woman drip honey,
   and her speech[b] is(F) smoother than oil,
4but in the end she is(G) bitter as(H) wormwood,
(I) sharp as(J) a two-edged sword.
5Her feet(K) go down to death;
   her steps follow the path to[c] Sheol;
6she(L) does not ponder the path of life;
   her ways wander, and she does not know it.

7And(M) now, O sons, listen to me,
   and do not depart from the words of my mouth.
8Keep your way far from her,
   and do not go near the door of her house,
9lest you give your honor to others
   and your years to the merciless,

And we talk about how – the road didn’t need to be taken, of why we want him to read Proverbs each day – and of how so many people told this young man about the Forbidden Woman and his family must have gave him advice that he wouldn’t listen to.

And that’s when his eyes registered understanding. And you could see the knowledge and wisdom crashing together – and my heart swelled as I saw the Word being engraved on this little boy’s heart – And then. .. .

He blurted out how it all made sense.

“It’s just like Billy’s Brother and that girlfriend of his”.  WHAT??? Billy. On Billy the Exterminator? Do you watch this crazy family on Neflix? I’m not saying you should, but hubby and the boys LOVE it. It enables more blog reading for me, so I LOVE it too. (sheepish grin). Anyways – towards the end of Series 1, (Spoiler alert – don’t read this intriguing drama if you are watching it) Billy’s brother has a girl friend that has only come back around because of the money the show has created for their business, and the entire family has been warning him, and that previous evening, unbeknownst to me – she left him, took all of his money, and now he’s standing around wondering what went wrong. (I’m sure y’all needed to know all of that)

Anyways – Nate goes on and on for quite a few minutes matching up the verses of Proverbs 5 with what he has seen unfold between Billy’s parents and the boys – and comes up with a triumphant grin – and the assurance to me that he’ll listen to Grandpa and his parents about the girls he dates.  Whew. Good. to. Hear.

Sigh. (Can we get back to poisonous mushrooms and looking up words now?)

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8 Responses to Of Wisdom Gained from Netflix and Proverbs, In that Order.

  1. esther says:

    Laughing at this stop on the Hip Homeschool Hop!

    New twitter follower!

    • esther says:

      Wait, I can’t find your twitter name. New Facebook Liker!

    • pebblekeeper says:

      My twitter is Pebblekeeper – I go in spurts of being on. The blog links back to twitter, and I have 2-3 people that I check in on – but Facebook seems to be good for communication too. I’d like to do more Twitter, great community – but it SUCKS ME IN!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH

  2. Teri says:

    I’m lovin’ the balance of biblical insight with real life humor! Great stuff!
    I totally understand! I have 5 boys that are amazing and that work at not being so heaven bound that they’re no earthly good! They love the Lord, laugh at trendy things, struggle with the flesh, and are a tremendous source of fellowship…on many levels!
    (And not necessarily always in that order!) ;0)

  3. HA! It’s funny, how kids make connections….

    My boys have come to me with Proverbs questions yet and they often read that book. I keep waiting for them, though.

  4. brooke says:

    Beautiful. Now Jake is going to be reading Proverbs every day from now on!

  5. beckleston says:

    Hi – I am a friend of Taunya’s and have been enjoying your Petra School blog, just wanted to let you know how I appreciated this one! Kids are so good at doing everything but what they’re supposed to (my daughter’s the same way!), but when they willingly read the Word, and then when it all comes together for them – it just blesses our hearts! Keep up the good work, mom!

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