Walking in Simplicity


As I was going to bed last evening – my youngest son passed me his iPod Touch – “Here mom, let me show you how to go to Olive Tree to read in the morning – I put it in your folder.”  Olive Tree is the App for my Bibles.  He lets me share his iPod Touch for reading the Kindle and storing my music, checking Facebook on the couch, and reading my blogs.  “In the morning”, he says, “Why don’t you read the Bible in bed, then wake me up?”

He is being sweet – and I enjoy his encouragement. I’ve also been distracted the last couple of days – prayerful for family situations, deaths, divorces, and now prayer for the online homeschool families who have been shocked by those we admire as we read their dispute in public. I can’t help but wonder if he knows that a momma that has been in the Word will be a much nicer momma come pancake time. Winking smile


I wasn’t sure what day today is, so I chose Psalm 26, it seemed like we should be around the 26thish of the month. The Words came to life – and touched me.  David says – “Judge me oh Lord, for I have walked in mine integrity. I have trusted also in the Lord. Therefore I shall not slide.”

“Examine me, and prove me, try my reins and heart. For they loving kindness is before my eyes.” I lean back on the pillow, picturing David, among his enemies. Leaning on his own integrity, his own trust in the Lord. I think of my tired heart, and wonder if I would have asked the Lord to try me with a gentle hand.

I read through the Psalm a couple of times, then felt the urge to read Romans chapter 1. Oh the words of Paul.  ( I urge you to read Psalm 26 and Romans 1 today)

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. For it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes. For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith – the just shall live by Faith.”

To join in on the conversations of the Homeschool Conventions – one must align to a certain choice – Do you believe that the Word is the Infallible Word of God? Do you believe it is all true? Do you believe it is true for you? 


While some our busy judging each other’s Christianity, love, heart – David asked God an opposite question – Judge ME oh Lord for I have walked in min integrity , the ‘I have trusted in the Lord’ was an ALSO.

The boys and I gathered around my little bible study area to look up the word Integrity. Did you know that the word is only listed in the Old Testament?

8537. Tom. Simplicity, Innocence, Truth.  – I have stated many a times, I choose to simply believe that the whole Bible, what the Lord has allowed to stand as a volume, is what He wants to use in my life and is true. Out of this innocence, this simplistic knowledge – I walk out my life. I Trust in the Lord. To reveal himself to me. To show me righteousness. Without Man. Without trying to merge with contradicting science. Without the interpretation  of  prestigious accomplished  leaders.  David says, I will wash my hands in innocency – compass thine alter. We saw that Compass was Cabab (saw-bab), Revolve, surround, border, be about on every side.  That is what I want. To revolve around His Alter. Be at His Feet. Return to Him.


As we ended our talking time, Jon spotted a rainbow in the sky, we snapped a photo just as it was fading into the rain clouds. He has a promise to us.   I will walk in the hope of His return.

Psalm 26 Verse 7 hit me –

That I may publish with the voice of Thanksgiving and tell of thy wonderful works. 

When I click Publish on this Live Writer Program, I will continue to ask myself – have I walked in Simplicity? Have I been Ashamed of the Gospel? Am I looking forward to His Return? Do I Trust in the Lord? Even in times of trouble, is His Loving Kindness before my eyes? I am THANKFUL for the day that the Lord has given me. Today. And Every Day.

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8 Responses to Walking in Simplicity

  1. I love reading God’s word and letting it purge me. I wasn’t for sure where I was going to read tonight for my nightly devotion, but I think I am going to read these scriptures and let them work on me.

    • pebblekeeper says:

      I hope you enjoyed the words as much as I did. I like that the Word is a living breathing thing – writes to me where I am today – and to you where you are today. I trust the Lord spoke!

  2. Teri says:

    I actually really enjoyed this post. It is a gentle but extremely poignant reminder of where true judgment lies. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the debating that goes on, to the detriment of examining oneself. And…you can only change “oneself” anyway, so why not start there?!
    I am sad to see prominent individuals participating in these type of discussions openly on boards or in public forums. Unless one was privileged to get all sides of a story/viewpoint, then there really isn’t productivity in listening. Proverbs states that very clearly. In situations such as these, I don’t see where “all sides” are even a viable option, so why begin with yours?
    The entire body should be considered here, and what damage is being done in order to be “right.” a similar situation occurred over 20 years ago now in the nationwide homeschooling community, ended up in a bitter lawsuit, that left two families financially ruined. I struggle to see the “right” in ANY of that behavior all around!
    Again, thank you for reminding us that we can illicit change and the truth IS clearly seen…probably most effectively by beginning with self examination before the one true judge…Jesus. ;0)

  3. Thank you, I am glad you are my friend too. This is great healing for my heart to be able to have an open and totally honest discussion about this… I don’t have to wonder and feel hurt as I did in my other friendship. Great FB discussion too by the way.

  4. pebblekeeper says:

    I was niave enough, last week, to not understand that there would be sides. Flinging fingers on keyboards from inside and outside of the homeschool community have blown the whole thing out of proportion. I was reading a few blogs last night and I couldn’t believe what they were writing. When it comes to Truth – it can only come from the Lord. So I seek Him. The decisions back east do not affect me here on the west coast. I have never been to a convention. Because it is a huge money making project – it is outside of our ability to join in. In 8 years of homeschooling, we have never been able to afford to go. It really does seem to be all about the Vendors. The Vendors are mostly upset because people may not go, may not spend money, may hurt their bottom line. I understand that point. But. It does seem to be more about the money, than about the inerrant Word of God, or someone’s position on Who Christ Is. I have seen first account mean speak from all parties involved, so I don’t think anyone can point fingers on who has been the most rude anymore.

    My post above, had more to do with what is going on in my personal life, coming out of this 4 month illness, my judging of other people stemming from my own hurt feelings of local actions, and this creeping judgement that had never been in my heart before. I want to cut it out of my heart – and I saw David’s words – Judge Me. Show Me. I read Ps 119 I think round the 20’s in verse – Teach Me.

    New Earth, Old Earth, Word is True Word is by Man, Christ is the Messiah, Christ is another Prophet, We follow Man, We follow the Bible, these debates are far from new. 😉

    • I’m glad I have not read any further about this then. I’m sorry to hear about all the mean-spirited slinging, I do not agree with it. I have 3 friends who are young earth, you included, and I am respectful about this around the children and do not mention it around them — our adult discussions should be open and honest but you cannot tell tone in an email/post/comment. I am trying to be respectful.

      I have one friend who is more upset about my old earth position than the other two. I think you and I peacefully agree to disagree, as I understand you more now. My other friend does not avoid playdates with us or activities other “evolutionists” as she plans to just teach her kids what her and her husband believe.

      On the other hand, I’ve had painful and personal experience with one friend who will avoid any and all things that contradict her teaching. It’s put a huge strain on our friendship and we were best friends. Our boys rarely see each other anymore and she will only see us in big activity locations (the gym). We did get invited to her son’s birthday party, but as I said, we rarely see them now. Our faith differences are the main issue, I think. I was naive before homeschooling but since then I’ve felt the sting of rejection over my beliefs. You are right, this is hardly new. I just wish things were different. 😦 Sorry for hijacking your post about your personal reflection and understanding. We can move on to safer topics. No hard feelings, I hope. ((((hugs))))

      • pebblekeeper says:

        No, no hard feelings around here. My truth is my truth for me. That has grown through experience an reading the bible for years. My simple faith in Christ started when I was a child, and firmed when I was in 3rd grade, and doubted through high school, and rededicated when I was 25. It is when I started reading the Bible for myself, that I came to leave doubt and frustration. When I quit following people and denominations and religions. Because of my crazy journey – I really don’t judge where other people are on theirs. I know what God did for me, and how he revealed himself to me, and I pray for my friends that they listen to His Spirit as well. I do not save people, God Saves People. I am also not that worried for the kids, what they are exposed to. I was raised in a strict sheltered childhood, and then escaped it for a few years. I would rather the boys know what is out there, and that it will be their choice when they follow God. They have both stated that they love Jesus and have chosen to follow him – but I know that there will be a time when they are older, and they truly have free choice, when they will need to choose how they live their life for themselves. By the Word? For Christ? Their choice. Christ warns many times in the New testiment that it is NOT man’s role to judge people. But it is mans role to teach, direct, inform, share, love. What people do with our words is their choice.

        Strangely enough, fun conversation this mornig. I love your heart, and your growth since I’ve known you, and what you do with your boys, and with your hubby, and I think you are something spectacular. 😉 I am glad to call you friend.

  5. I’ve read more about this, including Ken Ham’s blog posts and what he is saying about other speakers and vendors. He says he will do it again and he is calling all Christians to see his version of the truth. What he is doing will divide the homeschooling world with a jagged fissure and friends will be left standing on either side. 😦 It’s very sad indeed. Like I said before I don’t believe in exclusion of any kind but I find it very disrespectful to call out other speakers, vendors, curricula. It’s just not done in our society, which is mostly Christian, by the way. Families (via their churches) should be using their own discernment, without “warning” others in a mixed group. I realize Ken Ham and certain other believers feel an urgency with this, but I don’t like that bonds that are broken with his tactics. 😦 I’ve heard others call this a war and I don’t like it. I’m sorry Angie, this is not personal but I had to say something. I am afraid this attitude will filter down and worsen the already strained relationships in local homeschooling groups. 😦 It’s enough to make me want to give up homeschooling. But I am pretty stubborn and do what I think is right/best.

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