Country Talk for The Christian Home


Country Talk

“No news,” the elderly lady said. “You see, I haven’t been beyond the garden. I’ve had no visitors, but the birds, rabbits and squirrels. They stop by for a little snack. Yes, I like to read good books and listen to some of the good, old-time music.” “No,” she said, “I really don’t have anything worth writing about.” – Ruth M. Acord

(From my Grandma’s Poem Collection 1961-1986 – Nature Section – Funny, She doesn’t write a lot about newts.)


Submitted to The Christian Home Volume 11 – I will be sharing more from my Grandma’s collections in weeks to come.  She went on to be with the Lord – and I cherish her writing.

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4 Responses to Country Talk for The Christian Home

  1. Briana says:

    I used to have newt. He wasn’t a very exciting pet but he was interesting. That is cool that they found one in its natural habitat. I’ve never seen one out in nature.

  2. cute little newt! (I would have guessed salamander had you not said anything)

    How neat to have grandma’s poems.

    I’m behind on my reading. but looks like you are having fun with nature!

    I’ve been having too many headaches. after I get around to posting a blog I’m too headachey to read any…LOL. feeling better today though.

  3. Diane Allen says:

    Family journals are such treasures! I love the photos of the salamanders.

  4. Tricia says:

    And aren’t you glad she wrote it all down for you? Precious. Love the newt too!

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