Yesterday’s Classics Books

Introducing – Yesterday’s Classics – All in print – but also in E-Reader format –

  • Are you a fan of Ambleside Online?  Check out the titles they offer HERE!
  • Maybe Living Books Curriculum is your thing?  HERE are their books!
  • Or Pageant of History?  Here is your list!

    Have you dreamed about having all the Yesterday’s Classics books, but your budget couldn’t accommodate the $2,495.75 price tag for 225 printed books?  Did you know that they offer them for eReaders? Read to the bottom to see how you can get the entire ereader collection for Epub or Kindle for under $100.00!

    We were blessed to be able to review Yesterday’s Classics – and I quickly downloaded the 225 ePub AND Kindle files.

    I could write and tell you what a wonderful collection of books these are – but a visit to their site following any of my links will reveal that – I could write a volume on why every homeschool family should be working to collect these great volumes – and yet – I have a feeling – if you are reading this – you already know that – So – I will share my journey – of how – this Hard Core Paper Sniffing Spine Rubbing Familycame to use and love these electronic classic books.

    I looked. I sorted. I printed out the list of books, by Subject and by Title . I recognized so many wonderful titles.  I sat. And stared. In wonder.  Wow. Cool books.  and Stared. A little overwhelmed. To be honest.  Where to begin?  We have one Tower, and 3 laptops and 2 iPods – but no actual “EReaders” .

    I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions to my iBook G4 Mac laptop, and downloaded the EPub Files to that computer. (Older Macs do not support up to date reader programs)

    Then I downloaded Kindle for PC and Adobe Digital Editions on the desktop.  Again. With the staring. Pondering. Wondering where to start. 

    *Guide to Downloading Files and Transferring Them to Ereader Devices,
    *Guide to Ereader Devices and Software,
    *List of all books arranged by level, genre, author, and title, and
    *List of all books with descriptions and thumbnails. – IS INCLUDED in the download, and is easy to follow – I just had to sort out what that meant to our computer situation)

    The boys have iPods, but we do not have a handheld reader – these Kindle files do not work on the iPod, but they will work on a regular Kindle. I read a few pages of nature stories on the desktop, but I wanted to get MORE out of it. To bring the Burgess Books to the Park, to read about the birds under the trees.

    That’s when I heard about the iBooks App for the iPod. It is a free download.  I put it on both of the boy’s iPods – then went to the Ambleside Online site to see what books would be appropriate for their educational level. 

    I saved all of the EPUB files to a new folder – ebooks – in my public directory, instead of my Users, Angie directory – like this: C:\Users\Public\Documents\ebooks

    Then in iTunes, I went to File, Add Folder to Library – and added this ebooks folder. A new topic popped up under library – Books! From the Books – I could choose which ones to sync with the boys’ iPods.  (One son syncs to with Tower, one son syncs to his netbook – so I had to set this up twice.)

  • When your iPod is plugged in,
  • click on their device – “Nate’s iPod”, then
  • click on BOOKS, see it at the top right of the photo below? Then
  • click on the little boxes to tell it which ones to sync – then
  • scroll to the bottom of the screen and click sync.

    (You might want to make sure that you are not set to Auto Sync the device or all 225 books are goin’ over. Also – I found out – that if you unclick a box in a later sync, it will take the book out of bookshelf on the iBooks App on the iPod.)




    Beautiful Covers and Gorgeous Detailed Drawings!


    Batta Bing – and we are reading and seeing Jenny Wren in action! (Burgess Bird Book)




    Or – Keeonekh the Fisherman –



    If you like tall and skinny –



    The bookmark features work great!


    Now – to find a lake and a boat –


    Add a waterproof floating bag –

    P1010967 - Copy

    And enjoy reading a few chapters of
    By Pond and River by Arabella Buckley (Titles Link)

    P1010970 - Copy

    ycovalClick HERE to see the AMAZING offer Letter!

    Click on the Offer Letter Link to see the titles and have a special link to purchase all 225 Books for $99.95 through May 31st~!


    After May 31st, 2011 – ALL 225 Books in EPUB or Kindle format for just $149.95  
    (a savings of $498.80 over buying the EPUB or Kindle files individually!)

    Come and visit our Crew Review Blog – to see what the other 100 reviewers have to say – We all received the ENTIRE 225 collection for FREE – in exchange for using their product and sharing our opinion with YOU! I wanted to keep this post focused on hour our paper smelling hard headedness came to embrace ebooks – and brought them into our homeschool through the ipods and Yesterday’s Classics – I will write a couple of more posts that focus on HOW we use these books in our every day life of learning in the coming weeks  – seriously this post could be turned into a novel – I am not an affiliate – or gain anything from your purchase – but I tell you, for the love of books – and of living books – this is an amazing collection!!!!

  • (I received the entire package for free in exchange for using the books, and writing an honest review as part of the TOS Review Crew.)

    About +Angie Wright

    The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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    16 Responses to Yesterday’s Classics Books

    1. Wendy R says:

      Thank you for sharing the instructions for putting these on to the iPod. My youngest didn’t have one at the time we did this review, but he does now. Guess what I did this morning?! 😉

    2. Pingback: Using Short Stories « Wonder in the Woods

    3. Angie, do you know if the images are included in the Kindle version? I know they would show up as black and white. Thanks!

    4. Cindy K. says:

      Thank you so much for this review! I am so glad to see that the ePub books are reformatted as real books and not just scans of the old books’ pages! And that they are in color! That is great news!

      Anyone know if there are enough books in this set that would be appropriate for older children – middle and high school – to make it worth it, or is the collection decidedly for younger, elementary kids? I know the boys would enjoy the Burgess books, but not sure how many others they would enjoy.

    5. Sherry says:

      This is exactly what I needed to read! 🙂

      I have a lot of thinking to do. We have an iPod and I’ve been considering a Kindle. Maybe the iPod is all we really need right now. Thanks, Angie!

    6. I want, I want! The books and a color reader, maybe. Hunter says he only wants to read on the Kindle. I’m doing everything I can to justify that $99… Still thinking. 🙂

    7. Love the instructions for using with the iPod. I’ll have to give it a try as eldest son has one and seeing it in color would be awesome! Although, we are eyeing up the Nook Color right now….

      • Cindy K. says:

        I have a Nook Color and I don’t regret it. I know some people have a hard time (they think) reading from an LCD screen and so prefer the eInk screens because of that, but I am SO a color person! I love that the Nook Color has, you know, COLOR! However, I don’t think there are quite as many free books through B&N as there are Amazon for the Kindle. But, if you know someone who can “root” your NC, you can download the Kindle app for Android, and then read Kindle books on your Nook Color, in addition to the ePub books that B&N uses for the Nook/NookColor! At any rate, the Yesterday’s Classics deal with all of them as ePub books looks great!

    8. Heather says:

      I was asking for a Kindle for Moms Day, but I did not know if I would really use it. Now I am hooked. Thanks for all the explanation!!!

    9. You’ve created a great review! The pictures of the ipod is just great! You’re blessed to have reviewed Yesterday’s Classics.

      Our TOS Crew year is drawing to a close and I’m just dropping by to let you know how blessed I am to have worked with you this year.

      God bless you on your future endeavors!

    10. Julieanne says:

      Angie, your photos really dress up your review! Loved reading it – and am so glad that this is working well for you. Miss you – if you ever get down our way, let us know!


    11. Alicia in New Zealand says:

      Thank you for not just a great review but really taking the time to share how to make these books and this really great offer work. Now my kids want IPods! I really like the Nook but was worried about not being able to get books over here as BN does not support overseas sales. This type of offer makes ereaders look like a really good option. Excellent Christmas gift maybe. We plan to pair the ebooks with the Librivox recordings.
      Alicia in New Zealand

    12. Blossom says:

      Oh wow… I’m going to admit that I didn’t realize some were in COLOR! My ereaders are both eink and therefore have no color. I’m going to try it on the Nook for PC… I can’t believe I didn’t do that already.
      Great review! I might wait for yours to come out from now on – before I write my own! 😉 lol jk…

      • Blossom says:

        And you know…after writing that… I DID know that they were in color (but not on my ereaders)! Silly me…think before I type!

      • pebblekeeper says:

        I was thinking that this morning – I read quite a few – seeing how they all put volumes of information into a single post – I think I will read more of the crew blog linkies – even if just for formatting and technical – I’ll still have my zombie hunting crew style. 😉

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