Osprey and Eagle Fight it out For Trout



The Osprey sits in the Spruce tree – Watching the lake for trout. He swoops out of this tree – down the the lake – gliding first right in front of our windows.

The Gulls start to complain – whine – cry – and then you hear a Kit Kit Kit or a Kee Kee Kee – from the Osprey – that’s when you know to look –


The Eagle is out for a little easy lunch – and a game of tag.

Eagle Chasing an Osprey - Osprey is holding a trout.

You can see the trout dangling from the talons of the Osprey, the Eagle is screamin’ now.

Osprey, Eagle

This went on for quite a while, they swooped right up on us, over us, and around us on our boat while we were fishing.  Since then, we have seen it two more times. Enough to hear the pattern, and know to look for the Eagle now. I’m assuming it is going on every day – we just don’t see it. This seems to be their evening pre-dusk game. I was chatting on the phone one day this week when they swooped and had their game right in our yard.

It’s like Homeschool National Geographic every day around here . . . . . I only wish I had better photos – but the camera was actually zipped in two different bags when they started going for it this afternoon. And FAST. Holy Cow they’re Fast!

Submitted to the May Blog Carnival at the Handbook of Nature Study.

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2 Responses to Osprey and Eagle Fight it out For Trout

  1. Zonnah says:

    What a great learning experience. I would have loved to be there to see it.

  2. Wow! I read this other day but didn’t have time to comment. This is such an amazing experience and it taught me a lot about these two birds and their place in the habitat. I have seen osprey with trout before and I have seen eagles but not the three together and heard of the story.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience, amazing…incredible.

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