Negative Tides

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Nate and I headed down this stretch of sand at a .6 negative tide. I knew that – because we often walk this way in the morning – and I check it every time. Why? Because at high tide – the water crashes against the wall under neat the houses to the right of this photo. Playing “chicken” with the waves at 6:30 a.m. or noon for that matter – is not my idea of fun.

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We walked down the the calm quiet surf, just a lone wave here and there.

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Again, unless you’ve walked the Road’s End State Park in Lincoln City – on any tide – you’ve no idea how far out this tide is.

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Two or three spots down the beach, a spring flows out to the ocean. With the tide so far out –they each sort of created their own mini bays. Here are some cute grey colored seals in the water of one of the “streams” that is usually not over your tennis shoe, and maybe a foot or two wide. There were loons, and 3-4 seals on this little stream.

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Nathan was so excited to see the tide pools below that he agreed to a picture. We have never seen the rock exposed between 72nd street and the head.

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P1020897 (1024x768)P1020900 (1024x768)

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There was a little girl walking with her dad – Nate put the sand dollar in front of her path. It was more fun that watching a person pick up a Finder’s Keeper’s Float. Whole unharmed sand dollars are rare! The last two beach walks we have found several though- we’re wondering how the tides changing has exposed more. These are dead, they are covered in a mossy type fuzz when alive.


Not to bum you out or gross you out – but this is one of the baby seals on the beach, passed away – and being used as breakfast by a Bald Eagle. Right in front of our path. He let us get pretty close, and there were 2-3 other couples clicking  photos in awe – but when a pair of joggers came near – he scooted away and then flew off.



It is worth the walk to the end though – check out how full these tide pools are! I could have taken a 100 photos – but I’ve not held a very good track record with climbing, beaches, and cameras. . . .

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This little creature was my favorite from last year.  If it is the same, it is a Sea Slug. Vibrant colors – neon glows – This would be a tiny baby Sea Slug. The one I found last year was more “slug” size. We had to contact the Hatfield Marine Science Center to identify it last year – vibrant colors and slug really don’t go together. If you’ve never looked them up – Google Sea Slug Images – and see what ya come up with. Might be your favorite too.  (Nate found this one, then put him back)

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Again – Hard to describe how far out the water is! You can see by the lines on the rock where the normal water line is.

P1020936 (1024x768)

That’s cascade head that is vibrant spring green behind the rocks. Again – see how low the water is? We couldn’t get over it!

P1020937 (1024x768)

Also – Can’t explain how many rocks there are beyond this cove. Each handful is full of Jasper, Agate, Jade, Petrified Wood – Sea Glass. Amazing.

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P1020944 (1024x768)

P1020945 (768x1024)

You usually can’t walk through this rock – we have been here one time when Jon could walk through without bending, the tide is often low enough to walk up to the hole.

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The rocks are amazing here – and the walk back is a long one. We spent a lot of time bending over at the tide pools in the middle – and then walking along the tide pools at the end. You have to be able to climb over the rock for a while to get to this spot – and then walk some more. So – the walk back. I yi yi. Almost 40 year old fat moms really really should think twice. We had already walked a half mile or so south, and were headed back to the car when we decided to walk this far north . . . . Knees. Ankles. Hips. But the joy? Conversations with my man Nate? Worth it. (Shhhh Knees)

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3 Responses to Negative Tides

  1. Denise says:

    I have been to the ocean, but NEVER had a chance to inspect tide pools, etc. I will one day!! These photos are awesome! God’s creation is so amazing!

  2. I really enjoyed seeing your low tide adventures. We are counting down the days now until our OR Coast camping trip next month. I just checked our tides for the period of time and it looks like 3 of the days we will have negative tides early in the morning…good thing we are early risers. 🙂

    Love your beach images lately, especially the eagles!

  3. Looks fun! I can’t wait…

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