At The Beach–Do Not Disturb



We have the Seal Pups on the Shore – Do Not Disturb Them – It’s The Law posters up at every entrance of the beach. This Monday evening, we saw them posted On the beach – with the help of a handy dandy zoom camera – here is what they were guarding.





Cute Right?


These cute soft sweet little pups are left on the beach by their mommas.  The mom goes out to fish, and returns to nurse the pup. However, she won’t come back to her if there are people around – and the pup will die if people try to “help” it out. The newborn pup looks like it is almost dead. The rise and fall of the chest is so faint. Our motherly instinct is to get help. However, the best way to help the seal pups, who will spend the rest of their lives in this area, is to leave them alone. And – to keep on walking at a distance in case it is time for momma to come back and nurse.


So we headed on by – Lincoln City put out 2 glass floats shaped like dogs, in the color red – on the beach this weekend. On Monday, they posted that only one of them had been found.  This little stretch of beach was the only place that we did not comb through.  We spent from Saturday Morning until Sunday late night walking the beach from the Casino to Siletz Bay – about 7 miles of stretch – back and forth, and back and forth, up and down, and in circles. . . . sigh. These ol knees – they ain’t what they used to be.  I was so thrilled when the City announced that the second glass dog had been found on Tuesday.


I’ve taken countless photos – the summer shifts of the sand is a wonder to behold. The waves and calm sea allow one to get closer than you might in the surf of the “after winter storm” surges. It was also our last weekend harrah – before the Memorial Day Weekend rush of tourists – and the School’s Out Tourists.  The last weekend that we sort of had the beach to ourselves. After about 20 miles and 20 hours on the beach – we found one float and 3 glass sand dollars.  What a wonderful way to end the weekend.


You have no idea how many wave photos are on my computer.  . . .



Especially Sunset Photos.


At the Taft Beach near Moe’s – driftwood remains on fire almost 24 hours a day in 5-7 places.  Once a family leaves the fire, another takes it over, the driftwood is so abundant, that the fires just never seem to go out. The boys enjoy finding these smoldering piles and warming up.


Jon has figured out that the dried kelpy seaweed chunks are an amazing amusement when on fire. They crackle – (salt) – then swell to double and triple size – and then crackle some more – and then deflate. Large shooting flames makes the whole thing just pure entertainment for a 10 year old boy.


Nate enjoys the fire – and the rest – he is ever watchful with his Eagle Eye for things to find on the beach.  We are thankful for the natural items to be found, and for the efforts of the City to play treasure seeking games.  They are intended for the Visitors – to bring tourism dollars to the economy – which is good – but they should remember and be thankful – to those of us who promote tourism on the Oregon Coast and spend our entire paychecks here – every week – and not just a small vacation fund, once a year. Winking smile Just sayin.


One fun part of walking a couple of miles down the beach – is the walk back in the sunset.  Oh the Heavens Declare the Glory of the Lord!

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