Our One Day Of Summer

Our One Day Of Summer, originally uploaded by Pebblekeeper.

We had our one day of summer, before summer even began, woke up this morning to packed in fog. Sigh. We had a great breakfast, play time in the lake, paddling, walks, Flower photo taking, BBQ, Wake Boarding, Garden Planting, Found a dead deer on our trail, caught some crawdads, walked to the KOA for some popscicles, sat in the sun, photographed birds, played with the little baby ducks. Today, wind created by the advection fog. Nice. We’ll get another sunny day, near August, Maybe. 😉 It was 95 on the deck while still in the shade of the morning at 11 a.m. and remained hot through the afternoon. Even at 2:30 the thermometer read the same. Great Great Day!

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4 Responses to Our One Day Of Summer

  1. Blossom says:

    Oh goodness… you’re not complaining are you that only have to deal with the heat a few times are you?? You could come visit WY where it hit …well honestly I don’t know but it was HOT! 😉 It’ll be that way for a few days then we’ll get rain (hey maybe even snow if we’re lucky *wink*) then back to scorching. Sigh, to live on the coast…. 😉

    And yea, that deer just about broke my heart… so sad 😦

  2. What a grand day of summer! The deer was so sad.

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