Its Ducky Time!

Oh the joys of late spring –

Proud Mama brought her ducklings around to show us yesterday – and stayed all afternoon! The boys and I were swimming for over two hours – and she just swam along with us – so much so – that scooping up a cute little critter was pretty effortless!



Little boys in full body wetsuits to enjoy swimming in the 68 degree lake.


Cute little creatures are abundant!




Until Shep the neighbor dog came by for a visit with the ducklings.  They weren’t too sure about that! Congratulations Proud Mama Mallard!

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6 Responses to Its Ducky Time!

  1. Yep, I think Shep just wanted to have fun with the rest of you all.

  2. ~julie ~ says:

    were they little mallards? or something else. mom’s neck looks long in the picture but that just might be because of how she was swimming. VERY cute little duckies 🙂

    • pebblekeeper says:

      Yes, Mallards. We call her goldie. We learned quite a bit about “Domesticated Mallards”. Many of them have variances in colors, White being the most obvious difference. “The Boys” as we like to call the Dad Mallards – hang out together. I’ve heard that they like to make their way around all of the Mallard Mommie’s nests as well. Very interesting to study! The Boys hang out together, the Moms are rarely seen, only with the babies. This momma just appeared yesterday with her clutch of 10 chicks. Crazy.

  3. Taunya R says:

    Oh Me LOVE LOVE LOVE! Look at that cuteness! Poor Shep, he just wanted to play with them. 🙂

  4. AWWWW… what cute ducklings!!!

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