Welcome Aboard 2011 – 2012 TOS Crew!


Setting sail on another voyage with The Crew! Welome!!!

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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7 Responses to Welcome Aboard 2011 – 2012 TOS Crew!

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love this post. I just bought one of these Desk Apprentice thingy’s and it is still in the box because, ahem, my desk needs to be cleane off first….and the floor……and……well hopefully sometime this week I will get it filled. You are right, it is massive.

  2. Jesse says:

    I have drooled over the Desk Apprentice so many times. Then I take it out of the box and spin it around and realized it is *massive* It would take up our whole table, too, and only fit on the floor where the baby could stash who knows what in the various pockets. Love your view from the reading room…when/if we ever get to take a vacation, I want to come to your house!!

  3. I like those file boxes!
    We did Sticky Notes for awhile. The boys liked it.
    Now I email them assignments. Which is working for now.

    We are just doing Chemistry over the summer- because I feel the need to get through most of a course, to write it in their high school transcript. Ki is doing easy/modified chemistry.
    Oh, and they are spending about 15-20 minutes/a few days a week doing the Word Roots CD-Rom thing.

    With a view like that, I’d read all day!!

  4. Jennifer B. says:


    I’m excited to set sail! Glad to meet you!

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