Tour of “the Backyard”


Headed out this morning on the Canoe – 7 a.m.
All is calm – steam is rising from the warm water from the cool of the morning.


The sun is starting to peek over the east side of the lake.


Honeysuckle perfume rests in the air, leftover from the heat of last evening. The morning dew from the forest to the east fills the air with spruce, hemlock and pine. The water itself, lifts with a fresh lake scent. No one needs to remind you to breath deeply. Your body wants to soak it up, linger, but there are places to go!


Our home is hidden in the dark of the morning – but I am far enough out to feel the warmth of the morning sun on my face, hair, neck. My hands start to warm and I take them out of the warmth of my sweatshirt. The temperature difference in this 1/4 mile is drastic. The rail indicated 41 degrees on the deck.


I was headed southwest when I remembered to turn around and look at the sunrise. I was filled with words – to many to type here – remembering our Crew Cruise for the year. Wondering what direction it will take us this year. My thoughts went prayerfully into submitting to the Lord’s plans. Sometimes we know the direction we want to go – we are sure, strong, and confident. But we need to take the time to stop. Look around. See other options. You might just find your delight in learning in another direction. There are so many ways that are “good” on this learning and teach path. Caution should be given when you start thinking that your way is “best” – “better” than what you see others doing. Remembering never to compare yourselves to others – but to look around – and learn and grow and enjoy! Here is what is behind me –


Hard to catch a shot of the mist as it circles the boat.


Thoughts and prayers intermingle as I paddle. The lone canoe on the lake. My goal was to reach a point I had never paddled to before.  I call it the Baby Duck Grass, as last year, it was the location that I first saw the goslings and their Canadian Goose parents. The grass is as high as a person.




I was surprised that it had taken less than 15 minutes to get to this point. It is hard to write it out here – but I have had fear of this entire circle of water. From Holmes Road to Sandpoint.  Three sections of the lake merge here, and even on calm days the waves can rise to a 2-3 foot swell without warning.  We know of one who has lost his life here. The boys and I have had to navigate this section carefully in the Avon Boat a time or two. This morning I had realized how much fear I had let grab hold of my heart for this area. I prayed for healing. I prayed for the Lord to restore joy. He comforted my heart and my memories. He infused my knowledge and understanding that He has a plan for each of us. Re-freshing my understanding that I am not in control. Safety, preparation, skill and clear thinking will help – but He is in control of all things. My fear will not stop His Will from happening. Renewed. Praising the Father. I immediately picked a new goal to paddle to a friends home that lives a couple of miles down the lake.  – Looking forward to the South:


Looking backward to the North:


We move onward with a renewed sense of Peace. I do not know that I have truly fully enjoyed the lake as much as I had since this random prayer healing this morning.



My friend!  She lives somewhere in this nook on the south side of the lake.  Hello Friend!!!


Regatta park is past the blue boat docks there to the right.
We have a friend that lives in the tan boat dock to the right.


Jon’s friend lives here –
We look forward to spending time boating back and forth this summer!

Heading back I check my phone clock – only  a half of an hour has past. How could that be? My prayer time on the lake was so intense in to different directions. I think I’ve paddled over 2 miles. The lake is 3.5 miles long, and I have been hugging the outer edge of the west side.


The view of Cascade Head is breathtaking. The eye can see the grass on the top of the hill, the mind remembers the view after a wonderful hike overlooking the ocean, the body fills with excitement for the accomplishment of paddling the lake –renewed – I paddle home.


The lake is filled with Mallard mamas and their ducklings.  This mama only had to babies this year – they were the first we spotted in May. I had not seen them for a while, so I was glad to see them this morning! She was hanging out at Sand Point, about a mile’s walk from the house.





And we’re home, looking back south at the Devil’s Lake.

I took time to sit and soak up the sun in our part of the lake. I  made it back to our area in 20 minutes. I was out from 7-8:30. Not bad! It gives me the courage to go out in the morning – quite a few paddlers are out at the 6-7 hour. It is now close to 10, and the wind has picked up again for the day, the water is choppy, and the lake is full of ski boats, jet ski’s  and fishing boats. I am glad to have had my time on the lake this morning!

Our Key Word is Lake – for The Crew’s Scavenger Hunt – thought I’d share why I picked it! The photo at the top of our blog is half of the lake – and we live at the most northern tip to the right.  Come back on Monday to find out how to join the fun!

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6 Responses to Tour of “the Backyard”

  1. You live in such a beautiful place. It is hard to imagine having this as my backyard. Incredible.

  2. Debbie Lott says:

    How beautiful! I feel peaceful just looking at the pictures! Visiting from the Crew.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love your descriptions, too. I can almost smell the honeysuckle, one of my favorite things. ;0)

  4. Lois Hartwig says:

    Thanks for taking us along on the lake with you this morning!

  5. Briana says:

    Beautiful! I love your backyard.

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