Depending on Time



My friend, very suddenly (when is it not?) went to be with the Lord this week. Passed on in the night, alone, in her sleep. Healthy – planning a vacation weekend to the coast, time to play at the lake with us. A seizure? Dr’s don’t know/haven’t shared yet.

I have met so many wonderful people. Being blessed with a nomad’s life – as a US Coast Guard Brat – moving every few years, to become a Coastie myself, to marrying a Coastie who was an Air Force Brat – to living in these economic times of moving where the work is. I learned from an early age to dig deep, reveal much, love quick, trust what people give, and not hold on to hurt. Life is too short. I’m reminded how short it is this morning. My desire was to ponder while floating around the Lake, yet, the Lord sent a thick enveloping fog over the water. I spent time on Facebook this morning, interacting with friends. I found a whole group of friends that got missed when I deleted my account last summer. Browsed some 20 year reunion photos from neighborhood friends back home a couple years behind me. One of my bestest friends and another Mentor Deep Heart friends share a birthday today.

This is the second time this year – that a friend booked a motel in town with the hopes of spending a day at the lake, and during the week of their arrival I received a phone call – that they would not be coming due to death. One was for a biological uncle – Uncle Frank that I had not met, and now for my girl friend from Bend.

And the pondering goes towards time. Depending on time to be there. When the kids are grown, when the car is fixed, when there’s an extra hundred dollars, when the laundry’s done, when the school year is planned, when the sun comes out when the rain goes away, when the skunk smell is out of the carpet (sorry, my friend has a horrific dog story to tell), hard things, like when the divorce gets final, when the hurt gets healed, when the legs heal, when the heart pumps normally, when we work on this character trait or that.

How many times have you said it or heard it this week alone?  When we ____ When it ____ then we will _____.  Will the time be there? What is the saying? We are only promised two things in this life – Death and Taxes?  Yet when the bill for either comes – we stare in disbelieve. Not yet. Not ready yet.

In going through old photos of friends – I found a few older ones of the boys, not too old, 2008 I think, but the changes. Wow. And I think, not only for the friends I am missing opportunities with – but for my own immediate family – Later – needs to be answered less, and Yes, Now! needs to be given more.

My dear readers, how I wish I could just host a BBQ on the dock this afternoon and invite you all over! Know that I cherish you!

Here are some old pictures from the 2008 disk that I imported last night –

Friends from Co-op in Bend.

Keepers of the Faith Mulders Troy, Karen, Ezra, Becca, Emma,

Nate in Sisters.


Nate at 4th of July in Lincoln City this year.


Jon in LaPine during hunting season – 2008

P1040315Jonthan Wright Keepers Knife Badge Field Trip Hunting

Jon at Taft and Canyon River Park this summer.


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11 Responses to Depending on Time

  1. Makita says:

    Beautiful post, Angie. I’m blessed to have known Holly. Thank you for the reminder to cherish every moment. Much love, my dear friend.

    • pebblekeeper says:

      Blessings and love to you too my friend. Holly was pretty awesome. I will be prayerful as you enter your new town – and for the folks that are going to fall in love with ya there. 😉

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I love fog, and it wasn’t until I read your post that I sort of know why now. I too was a Coastie kid and moved every 6-18 mos. growing up. My favorite station is one I moved back to after high school– Morro Bay/Los Osos, CA. I used to take ‘fog walks’ by myself, walk to the beach, and just sit. I would put my feet in the sand (even if it was chilly I’d still take off my shoes), close my eyes, and just listen to the waves I couldn’t see, and think. I moved away from there when I was 20. When I became a Christian and had things I knew I needed to work through with the Lord, I always found myself wishing I could sit in the fog on the beach with Him. Something about fog just makes the process more intense, personal.

    • pebblekeeper says:

      I too moved back to our favorite station – Coos Bay/ Citrus and North Bend Air Station after growing up. Now I’m a bit further up the coast in Lincoln City – but the same wet atmosphere. Anytime you need fog come on up. 😉

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I would be there in a heart beat if I could. I was near you for 3.5 seconds on Thursday night. Thank you for the reminders. Time passes quickly and death does come when we least expect it. Praying for you my friend.

  4. deanna says:

    Sweet Summer Blessings to you!
    Death can come at anytime…….I must put my trust in God.

  5. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Wise words…to try to live your best each day.

  6. Loretta says:

    I would be there if I could. Thanks for the reminder to create memories NOW – while there’s still time.

  7. ~julie ~ says:

    ……sigh….. big and heavy…. I would be there with you sitting on the deck, coffee cup in hand…. sweatshirt clad… enveloped in the silence of the fog….. and letting the Lord whisper comfort in the soft lapping of the water upon the edges of the lake…..

    …lifting you up in prayer….

  8. Such a beautiful and TRUE post!

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