Piet Cottaar–Artist Study

Piet Cottaar

My parents are moving this week – and before they left – they drove up to give me a few of things from the house – This painting was among the items.  It is on a box, with a metal frame, wood sides and a wood bottom. At one time it was divided into 3 sections with wood in the inside – and has a full mirror on the backside of the lid.  This painting is on the top. The insides hold letters from 1905-1971 – from my grandmother’s mother, grandmother, son, brother, aunts, friends.  Postcards.  Priceless.  The postcards themselves tell the history of the architecture of the capital buildings and highways between Baker City, Central Point, Salem, Portland, and Denver.  I had a great time this afternoon enjoying the wonderful cards. One thing that struck – was how little space one could find to write on the post card.  Mostly – between sisters – to say they were thinking of each other. My Great Grandmother – and Great Aunt.

But as I was looking at the photo – I realized it wasn’t damaged – it was dirty – so I wiped the plate of glass clean.

Piet Cottaar

Suddenly the photo was vibrant.  I looked up the name – it took me a while to figure out it was PIET COTTAAR written on the corner.  I looked up several of his paintings, and it does look to be the right. He really liked that shadow at the base of the vase, the highlights on the vase, and painted flowers. You may see a collection here – http://www.piet-cottaar.nl/paintings_senior.html .

Piet Cottaar

The lines on the signature appear to be a bit shorter than on the website – but it does look similar enough for me!

Piet Cottaar

Tomorrow – the boys and I will draw this from still – maybe color it in with colored pencils.  What a wonderful inspiration to begin our art study this year!


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4 Responses to Piet Cottaar–Artist Study

  1. LOrraine says:

    The signature of Piet Cottar is the same as Piet Cottar Junior. My that was given to us by family painting may been bought in Rotterdam as family lived there.
    Lorraine Wijzenbeek.

  2. Lorraine Wyzenbeek. says:

    I live in Australia and have a Piet Cottaar Jnr painting. I heard about him on the Antiques Roadshow programme and wonder if the painting is valuable.
    It is a still life of fruit in a copper bowl standing on a Dutch table carpet…
    It was given to my husband and I for our 25th wedding anniversary by our Dutch family as I always admired it.
    Regards Lorraine Wyzenbeek

  3. Rosa Cottaar says:

    Hi and a Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year! I find this story very interesting as this was my great grandfather.My name is Rosa Cottaar and I now live in New Zealand.Also with my parents.My father’s name is Peter Cottaar.I was born in Rotterdam.
    Thank you and keep up the great work !

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