Visual Latin–Lesson 1a and 1b

After spending the last 4 days watching the introduction lessons for Visual Latin, today was the day to start with Lesson 1a.


Jon starts watching his video, in the kitchen, on his iPod,


He liked it so much he moved to the guest room and watched 1a and 1b.


I printed out the worksheets for Nathan – he watches the video on the iPod from his favorite chair in the living room. He has headphones on, Jon preferred listening with the speakers.


Both boys really like the videos. Watching Jon practice Alexander Est Mongoose (Alexander is friend) cracked me up.  Da-os est Bonus – God is Good.  Padre? est bonus mongoose.  Mongoose est bonus. And on and on he went while doing his chores.  Funny kid. I’ve no idea how to spell/type the Latin, too lazy to review the video – but you get the point.  It’s a pretty amazing day when your kid is making up paragraphs in Latin after 4 intro lessons and 2 parts of the week’s lesson. 

(I am going to be reviewing Visual Latin for Timberdoodle the end of September – but will keep you updated on our progress until an opinion is fully formed. For now, if you are considering studying a language this year – RUN – Type Furiously – to Timberdoodle. You won’t be let down!)

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1 Response to Visual Latin–Lesson 1a and 1b

  1. We LOVE Visual Latin. We are on Lesson 10 and are very happy with it.

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