Aletheia Writing Magazine–A Review


You may have noticed – in many of our photos this month – a Magazine at the corner of Nate’s elbow.  Let me introduce you to Aletheia Writing Magazine, Creativity for Christian Teens.

Alethia coverThis quarterly magazine arrived in our mail – a beautiful full color thick paged publication. The pages are uncluttered with an abundance of ads, however Sponsorships are available. The focus – is on the writers, and their work. Not only writing, but art as well. Short stories, poetry, drawings, photographs, book reviews.  An amazing collection showcasing youth aged 13-19. They also include articles to help encourage and inspire young writers. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of writing tips and writing challenges to spark the desire for youth to be involved in upcoming issues.

From the About Us Page

Alethia ContentsAletheia Writing Magazine is a quarterly publication focusing on the literary and artistic works of Christian teens, ages 13 to 19*.

We are excited to offer Christian teens a healthy platform in which to express themselves, especially in a culture that so definitively shapes and saturates their worldview with unhealthy imagery and values.

Moreover, we’re interested in publishing teen work in a quality manner while preserving its honesty and integrity- we’re not interested in dumbing down or overly sanitizing the writing we receive.

But whether teens use their writing to explore the darker realities of life or celebrate the brighter ones, their writing, in the end, must contain hope.

In addition to the literary and artistic expressions of Christian teens, each issue offers a variety of unique features: a Writer’s Challenge, the Featured Contributor, a book review, Glory to God for the Beauty of Nature, Ancient Ink, and an interview or other feature for edification and enjoyment.

*Aletheia Writing Magazine is geared toward youth ages 13 to 19. Because contributors’ ages vary, the maturity level of situational content may likewise vary.

Subscribe –

Four issues per year. 40 pages. US – $26.00 Color. Price includes shipping & handling.

If you would like to browse an online edition of the Spring 2011 Premier – the online copy may be found on their website – here.



We have enjoyed having the magazine in our home. Many of our adult guests have picked up the publication and been pleasantly surprised that it was written by teens.

If you would like to see what my other crew mates have to say regarding the magazine – Please join us at the Blog – .

We received a printed copy in the mail of the Fall 2011 issue, and special access to the Summer 2011 issue for our reading enjoyment and review on our blogs as part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.  My apologies for not including a photo of Nate actually cozied up with the magazine – Camera #8 died when my canoe capsized on Saturday. Oiy. It didn’t take long to find many photos of the magazine near Nate from this past month.

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2 Responses to Aletheia Writing Magazine–A Review

  1. Debra says:

    You clearly take way more photos than I ever do… I would never manage to “just happen” to have pictures of my kids with much of anything…

    How cool that adult guests were impressed.

  2. We have got to get you a camera! Cool item 😉

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