Update on Latin

P1050507Wow! I can’t believe we have been actively studying Latin since September 5th!  We are strong into Lesson 5 this week!  You may remember that we watched the four free introductory videos as a family, and then downloaded the videos to the boys’ iPod devices.


P1050577The videos continue to be a mixture of entertainment, history, word introduction, grammar, and encouragement to continue on. Nathan, my 8th grader, has easily done all of the lessons on his own, and has not had any questions or mistakes in his worksheet page. Jonathan, the 10 yr old 5th grader, really enjoys the lessons, but has not completed the worksheets on his own. I think he’s done 2 or 3.


Both boys are excited at how easy the language is to learn in the way the videos are presented. They like the secret decoder of it all, learning words that most adults are unfamiliar with. Jon has been telling people they are his good friends in Latin, Nathan walks around the house mumbling things like “Octopus, Octopi – They must be male, wow that makes sense now,” to no one in particular.


I like how quickly the boys were reading and writing in Latin, translating sentences.  Lesson 3 and 4 prompts the boys to translate whole passages. Visual Latin gave them a reason to study Latin – talking about the over 20 languages that originate from the language – and gave them a view that learning this one first, will help them learn other languages in the future.

For me?  I am just excited to finally find the jumping in product.  I have a shelf full of products – Word Roots, English from the Roots Up, Latin for Children – All really great tools – but none that helped create the beginning spark.  In learning anything – the ease comes when the student starts with a desire to learn, fueled with interest, curiosity, embers burning when the goal is in site – and then more fuel can be added to a warm fire.  I believe that Visual Latin is the kindling to that life long desire to learn other languages. I can see our family purchasing the entire series, finishing all 30 lessons this year.  I can assume, as other families have done, that we may go through the lessons a second time, with more book work – worksheets- etc.

Now, armed with the desire and new knowledge of what word origins / word roots/ word compositions are – they are seeing these patterns everywhere. I can see us using the English from the Roots Up cards to enhance our vocabulary – if you would like to see other items to help with Latin and Greek Timberdoodle offers an assortment for sure!

If you click on over to Timberdoodle’s site– they have a great list of the break down of Why, Samples, What’s Included, Videos, etc. – on their Visual Latin DVD Pages.

I am just really really really glad  – for Visual Latin.  I asked my friends how do you say – We LOVE These Products?  Makita from Academia Celestia / Science Logic helped me out –  “ 我爱这个东西! Jeg elsker slike ting!  Me encanta este producto!” I should add  –

nos diligo Visual Latin & Timberdoodle!

Thank you Timberdoodle – for offering this blogger a free downloaded set of lessons 1-10 to try in our home in exchange for sharing our honest experience on our blog!

You too could enjoy Timberdoodle’s fun collection of learning tools – They’d love to send you a Free Homeschool Catalog!

You can also keep track of what they are up to, be alerted to new funny videos, contests, sales, damaged good sales (my favorite), and keep up with the conversations with like minded learners on Facebook!

Now – Go on over and watch the free introductory lessons – and 2 free first lessons

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