Random Photos from This Week



Kingfisher hanging out on the dock at the park. Hundreds of gulls. I never did get an identity of which type. There seem to be thousands more gulls this year in town. Below is a Hooded Merganser that Jon took a photo of in front of the house.  First day we got a photo in the sun to show the colors. We have about 3 different hooded Merganser families and about 30-40 Common Mergansers hanging around out front with the Coots, Mallards, Buffleheads, etc.



Not just for the gulls, but noticing the perspective on the top photo. It would appear that the lake is really slender at this point, the park that you see in the distance is the State Park Boat Ramp, a good 1/2 mile away.  Funny how the camera made it look like you could swim across above on the Kingfisher shot.


Nate has been working on creating Long Board Decks. They found this longboard at a garage sale this weekend and tested the design qualities at the park. He prefers a wider longer deck than this one – when he gets it perfected, he’s going to cut out 8 decks and see if he can sell them around town. When he’s got it all ready, I’ll blog ya about it. Meanwhile the testing phase is pretty tough work. Ha.


Our friend Todd makes Renaissance clothing, not costumes, to sell at/for renaissance fairs. He has an etsy site, and bad ol me can’t find his card this morning. Todd wears many of these clothing items around town. Both boys were amazed at how comfortable the tunics are. He’s working on some leather piece work as well. Nathan really wants to make a tunic for himself – and Todd allowed the boys to get all decked out for the end of October/Halloween activities. As you can tell from our photos the last few days – they really like wearing the pieces. If you are in need of a great piece – let me know – I’ll hook you up!



ps – Todd created period piece pants as well, but the boys went with the Jeans and Green Shoelaces just for special effect.


Oh- My favorite Bob’s Beach Books. What a wonderful little store! They will order in any crazy book I ask for, give me a cash discount and free shipping.  Oh how I love this Bookstore!


S’more Idea for Phyllis  – We went to a party that had s’mores this weekend, she put a paper plate under the BBQ bin with graham crackers and chocolate. Then roast the mallow over the BBQ coals and there ya have it, worlds easiest s’mores!

So – hope you enjoyed our random photos of the week – We’re getting out a bit more in the afternoons – driving hubby back and forth to work. Today his store has a grand opening, I can’t say the company name online  – but it is a Northwest Discount Mart type Store, it’s an exciting day around here for a Manager. We’ll be at the ribbon cutting ceremony in an hour or two.  Good Times!  Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit!

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  1. Hi! We’re an unschooling family, too. I love your sons’ costumes! My son would love dressing up like this. The area around your house is absolutely gorgeous, too!

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