The View this Morning


The moon, setting over the Ocean, stopping for a moment to light up the Lake – my view from our coffee pot at the Mil-Mar. You can’t see the extra mile of water line with houses lit up like little twinkling stars, evidence of a Veteran’s Holiday weekend starting early. Beautiful.


Nate and I geared up and headed out for a morning twilight beach stroll. I have some surf booties that keep my feet warm and allow me to walk through these little creeks. Once the winter storms pick up, they won’t be so peaceful. For this morning – perfection.



An ocean foggy haze was thick on the horizon, we watched the moon slip behind it.


Something new at the beach- a part of this cliff has fallen since the last time we were here. Surprising. Awestruck. Humbling.





The lighter spots on the cliff are where those rocks used to cling to.




Up there? In that tree? There is a dot, where there shouldn’t be a dot. See it ?


Believe me when I say it sees you!


Oh. You two. Back to looking for breakfast.



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4 Responses to The View this Morning

  1. Sweet….love the view and the eagles. Awesome to spot them doing their thing. What a great day.

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m not sure if you help my craving for the coast lessen or worsen. Thanks, at any rate, for taking us with you!

  3. Blossom says:

    Beautiful. God does some amazing work! Great photos 🙂

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