Do the Next Thing


I thought it might be timely to share my number one favorite encouraging Mom Quote –

Do the Next Thing.

A season of learning is dwindling. Have you lost the fire kindled from the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the rubber of erasers? Are your crisp new lapbooks dogeared? How far under the pile did your planner book fall? Are you surrounded by brown yards, naked trees, and hibernating animals? Is it enough to make you want to plan a unit study on the benefits of staying wrapped in a quilt 6 hours a day? I hear ya.

This past week I wanted to get our January – March planned out. Now that we will not have a half day of Lego Monday and Weds, I want to focus more on History and Notebooking. Yet, I want to continue through our Math, Writing, Art and Composers, Science, and Nature study as well.  My mind starts to swim, the “I Can’t’s” start to to pop up, and the quilt starts to call.

Hearing the words I so often use to motivate – Do the Next Thing – I had to figure out what the next thing is. Starting on the white board – making a list of all the items that needed done before I could even start to think of January. Here is a snapshot of it part way through the week. I should have taken an after shot before erasing it, I’m not sure that any white spot was left!


The boys added what they needed – Roblox Account TBC – Video of Mentos – Etc. Funny boys. By Friday – I had all the odds and ends cleared up, priorities set, and procrastinations dealt with. As mentioned, the list created a spot for the family to add things I’d promised to do as well, and gave me a place to write out any other thing that came to mind.  Bird Seed. It didn’t make the list, I’ve been to the store twice. I need to get Bird Seed. Then I’ll be done.

In the afternoons, I typed in  last semester into the Homeschool Tracker Plus.  I’ll probably write another post about that this week to share with you how relaxed learners create order – but on this Sunday. While you are wondering how to find direction for the next two weeks –

Make a list.  Add fun. Add a board game each day. Prioritize, then Do the Next Thing.  Are you forecasting into the list of 40 items and feel defeated before you start? Write them down. Set them aside. Can you do the first item on the list. Good. Now do the next thing.

Feel free to share in the comments how you work through wrapping up a school season, fold in the holidays, and plan for January.

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3 Responses to Do the Next Thing

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  2. Tricia says:

    I love this! Sometimes the simple sayings are the most profound and practical. What an encouraging post. And, another thing you and I and our boys have in common – Roblox!

  3. Mrs. Taffy says:

    We’ve only been doing “fun-school” for the passed 2 weeks! We’ll be taking 3 weeks off during Christmas to stay in line with the big boy’s college schedule. I have a million things I want to get done during that time! I’m really looking forward to the break, but I’m not burned out! I just have several (million) things I want to get done! Loosing weight is making me very ambitious! My hardest time of the year is March, when it’s still winter and we are so cooped up and have cabin fever to the nth degree and can’t wait to get outside and dig in the dirt. I’m not looking forward to March…Carry on friend and Merry Christmas! Enjoy your break!

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